Tableau de Parfums: Ingrid by Andy Tauer : There is Warmth Behind the Hauteur


This is the latest scent from the Tableau de Parfums range.: a collaboration between filmmaker Brian Pera and Perfumer Andy Tauer.  Ingrid joins previous creations Loretta (which I haven’t tried) and Miriam (which I have reviewed in this blog and which I liked very much).

It’s a new launch, only recently released, and I am lucky enough to have been able to obtain a sample from Scent and Sensibility, which for UK Tauer fans, is a very good way of sampling them without the annoying perfume posting regulations that are the bane of our lives. My sample was £4.50 for a 2ml spray. I consider this excellent value as longevity is so good.Image

Ingrid is hard to categorise.  I recently reviewed Vitriol d’œillet by Serge Lutens which is a Clove/Carnation combo.  At first I thought Ingrid was similar but I was wrong. Ingrid is earthy and reminds me of birch or tar or dried bracken. There is winter spice too, but not in a chintzy Christmas way, you’ll be relieved to know. The Rose is prevalent, and as with other Tauer scents, no Rose is the same twice.  In this case, the Rose reminds me of dried petals in a pot pourri- they have gone paper thin and their colour has faded but their scent has gone faintly peppery. Nevertheless it can still be recognised as Rose.

Image Ingrid is rich and spicy, but dry rather than sweet. It left me thinking I could smell the deep dark scent of Myrrh, but it may have been the resinous Styrax which is used so beautifully.

On my skin, the base notes of Ingrid are Clove, dried Roses, Resin and Frangipani. It’s rich, dark and mysterious yet the ingredients have been used lightly enough not to overwhelm.  It’s a winter scent that would make you stand out in the crowd for all the right reasons. It reminds me of bare wintery trees and faded petals and hot spiced brandy. It is layered and complex and beautiful. Longevity, as ever is excellent. Around ten hours. If ever a perfume was created to be worn in snow against a backdrop of stark bare branches, it was this. It injects spice into winter and warmth into frost.  It makes me think of a woman who is always immaculately dressed,  maybe a little scary, but deep down she has a heart of gold. I will always be friends with Ingrid and Miriam.

EDIT: Scent and Sensibility has now sadly closed.



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  1. I follow you with the Bloglovin’ app, and I just noticed that there are links now to “Related” reviews. (For today: Miriam, Vitriol d’oeillet, and Une Rose Chyprée.) I know you’ve had problems linking to past reviews, so if this is something you’ve figured out, good work. If not, it’s a pleasant coincidence. (I’ve never blogged, or run any site, so I have no idea how it all works. Please don’t be offended by my ignorance.)

    I haven’t yet tried any of the Tauers, but your reviews have moved them up on my list.

    1. Hi Laurels!

      Thanks for dropping by. Yes I’ve noticed the “you might also like…” buttons and it is in fact a lovely coincidence. Whenever I try and link to one of my reviews on my blog, all sorts of weird stuff happens. I was starting to think WordPress disapproves of narcissism!

      Yes do try a Tauer if you get the chance. I think Lucky Scent can help if you are in the USA.

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