4 thoughts on “Ralph Lauren Big Pony No 4 For Women: Death by Cherrybomb”

  1. I cannot take ANY of the Big Pony range seriously, having courted for a while with a gent of the ‘cockernee’ persuasion. He introduced me to the glorious expression ‘tha’s a pile of ol’ pony, treacle!’ which translates into the Queen’s Speech as ‘that is a lot of rubbish, dear girl’. In rhyming slang, ‘pony’ stands for ‘pony and trap’, which rhymes with a colloquiallism for poo.

    You can guess the hilarity whenever I see a bottle of Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony No. 2.

    1. Ha! Vernacular FAIL from Ralph Lauren. It’s just as well you don’t take the Big Pony range seriously. I don’t think you’re missing much. And as for “Big Pony Number Two!” that’s hilarious. Who’d want to smell like horse poop!

      1. Hmm, well that’s where things get hinky. I adore L’Artisan’s Dzing! which smells of the circus and stables and to me smells of all things horsey – from hay to sweaty saddles to poo. It has a very definite scent, horse poo. Actually not that offensive when fresh. (Trust me on this – I hang out at the stables with my little girl.)

        So I have spent good money on smelling like horse poo.

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