Sarah Jessica Parker The Lovely Collection:Twilight


 I am a big fan of Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely. It’s reasonably priced, beautifully packaged and smells like a cross between Lanvin Rumeur by the legendary Francis Kurkdjian, and Narciso Rodriguez For Her. Not bad for less than £20 for 100ml.

 However, her other fragrances are a little hit and miss.  Covet is Chocolate and Lavender (why?), Covet Pure Bloom has a cheap smelling base, and I can’t speak for SJP NYC  or NYC Pure Crush as I haven’t smelled them.

The Lovely Collection contains two very good budget scents: Dawn (violets and Angelica) and Endless (a Floral Musk). However, Twilight is not one of them.

When spraying Twilight, I was Initially pleased to get Amber straight away: A sheer wash of Amber, but Amber nevertheless.  So far so good.  However, within the hour, it had not only gone overboard with the Vanilla but had been positively drowned by it.  It was cheap Vanilla too, and its teeth clenching sweetness reminded me of Kylie Minogue fragrances with their sugary overkill. Oddly enough, Vanilla isn’t even listed as a note, but that’s all I could get from this. I was so excited to see Galbanum as a top note, but nope. Nada. Not a whiff of it.

This was so disappointingly bad that I washed it off before going to bed. Cheap and shrill and overly sweet, it was like a disappointing evening at the end of a great day.

My advice is to capitalise on Lovely’s loveliness, enjoy Dawn and Endless as quality budget buys, and pretty much skip the rest.

SJP Twilight: So much promise but it sadly didn’t deliver.


2 thoughts on “Sarah Jessica Parker The Lovely Collection:Twilight”

  1. Wow! It’s fascinating how we differ on fragrances sometimes! I adore twilight and use it as a base for its cheerfully mucky musks that remind me a bit of the back end of L’Air de Rien. I like it so much I bought a back up bottle!

    This is the infamous ‘disappearing scent’ that I spritzed on in the shop, sniffed once when the alcohol had burnt off and said ‘meh, not a lot there’ and then poof! it disappeared for an hour. Later that day I found myself sniffing to see what it was that smelled so good somewhere near me and discovered it was my arm. Reader I went back to Superdrug and bought that bottle.

    Still, at least you don’t hate it as much as Womanity. 😀

    1. Well that doesn’t surprise me at all. You always, without exception smell lovely whenever we meet. However when I wear the same scents, they smell totally different on my skin. I give you the infamous case of Ivoire de Balmain M’Lud.

      Dear Supedrug has had a lot of my money this year. They have some great offers. They had a bottle of Rumeur 2 Rose on offer at £20 at the till a few months back but didn’t have a tester and wouldn’t open a box to use as a tester. Talk about bad for business!

      Oh and you and I both agree on L’Air de Rien. It’s lovely and dirty.

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