4 thoughts on “Bvlgari Black: So Nearly The Business”

  1. This is another sample I’ve put aside to try again when my nose is more experienced. I just get rubber and vanilla. Did you get rubber at all, or is that actually the tea I’m smelling?

  2. I absolutely love this stuff! I don’t get any tea, I just get rubber, leather and vanilla. It’s kinky and cosy at the same time. Hoorah!

    But I am developing a theory that different people are more or less sensitive to particular notes. There’s a ‘wet concrete’ note that drives me potty, but other people don’t seem to notice it. And of course, we share our loathing of nuclear melons. 🙂

    By the way, rumour has it that this is Angelina Jolie’s favourite perfume. Johnny Depp is reputed to wear Davidoff’s Zino; which was on sale in Wilkinson’s for twelve knicker last Christmas. That made me very impressed by Johnny’s thrift as well as his good taste.

  3. So refreshing to find a not-so-keen review of this one. I tried so hard to like it, as it receives so many rave reviews, plus from the description sounds like something I would really like…but, I don’t know, we never got along. Luckily I never succumbed to a purchase (I’ve been known to convince myself that I will learn to love something, always a mistake!)

    1. Hello Alice, Thanks for dropping by. You have indeed found a kindred spirit. I didn’t like this at all. Leather is good, rubber can be good, but adding tea is not good!

      I too often try and try to like something but so far I have only had my mind changed two or three times after persisting. Two or three out if a hundred isn’t a good score!

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