YSL Saharienne: Cologne? In Autumn? Yes Please.


 I have been to visit my local perfume counter several times over the past few weeks. No surprises there. However, what’s been different is that I have been visiting only one bottle.  In passing, I carelessly tried YSL Saharienne a few weeks ago and several hours later, I was still obsessively sniffing my sleeve trying to remember which bottle that heavenly smell was from.

Image Saharienne is so good it is on my long list for Christmas.  That’s no backhanded compliment. I am planning to request a special bottle of something from Santa and I am finding it so hard to narrow it down to just one from hundreds that I love. It’s like an X factor audition. Last year it was Eau de Cartier, which will always remind me of Christmas Day 2012. But I digress.

I have always loved a good cologne, and Saharienne fits the bill and then some.  What makes this stand out from all my beloved O de Lancomes and 4711s and  Eau Dynamisantes, is that Saharienne is packing heat.  Right there in the base, after the Bergamot and divine citrussy Mandarins have calmed down, out comes the smoothest of Sandalwood with a hint of spiced Ginger Beer.  It’s smoother than David Niven in his heyday. It’s blended so seamlessly that the Ginger and Sandalwood look like they’ve always been friends with the Citrus family. It’s as if they’ve been going on holiday Imagetogether for years and have started to look alike.

Sadly, Saharienne’s drawback is longevity, or lack of it.  A few hours at most, I would say.  However, my coat sleeve smelled lovely for days and it’s jolly good value at under £30 for 50ml of EDT. The faceted glass bottle is rather pretty too, bringing to mind Ralph Lauren Safari or YSL Cinema.

It’s a cologne for Autumn. It’s both refreshing and warm, like ice cold Ginger Ale over ice, with a little bit of bite.  Good work YSL. Very nicely done.

In fact, maybe at this price, I’ll get two.

4 thoughts on “YSL Saharienne: Cologne? In Autumn? Yes Please.”

  1. Dearest Iscent
    “Smoother than David Niven in his heyday”…eh? Compliments don’t come much more considerable than that!
    This sounds rather splendid I must say, though it hasn’t caught my eye to date, mainly because the YSL counter generally seems awash with som many non-entities that I tend to give it (and its stablemate Gucci) quite a wide birth.
    On account of your recommendation I shall make a detour.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  2. Thank you for this review. I’ve seen Saharienne at the discounters and wondered about it. Now I’ll have to try it, as a lack of longevity is much less irritating at a reasonable price.

  3. You know, I’ve always avoided Saharienne, beca like The Dandy, I miss what YSL used to be, back when Yves was still alive. (I am Mrs Opium 1997.)(OK, not really, but I do have 3 back up bottles of the Good Stuff. And two bottles of the original Nu. Not obsessive at all, no.)

    I digress – if it’s that good, I have to try it. I’ll be whiffing Saharienne jolly soon.

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