Ghost Whisper: Same Old, Same Old


 I was put off from trying a Ghost perfume after a rather unpleasant experience with Ghost Sweetheart. It had an unpleasant tang that I couldn’t bear and couldn’t seem to wash off (Lemon, Spearmint and Pineapple!).  However, Ghost is a prolific fragrance brand and I thought I’d keep an open mind.

 Ghost Whisper comes somewhere in between Just Cavalli and Boss Jour Pour Femme. At first my heart leapt when I thought I could discern Green notes and Bergamot, but just as I thought I could smell them (to my delight) the notes kind of went off and I ended up with a milky mandarin with a synthetic Jasmine backdrop, rounded off with a little faint White Musk. Not as good as I’d hoped.

To me it smells very generic and nothing new or exciting.  As a mainstream brand, I guess Ghost isn’t in it for originality, more for meeting its market.

Top notes are Mandarin, Star Fruit and Almond. Middle notes are Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Orange Blossom. Base notes are Musk, Cedar and Heliotrope.

There is no trace of Heliotrope, maybe one sniff of Almond (maybe that provides the milkiness?) and the flowers are all blustered together into a big mush.

I didn’t particularly love or hate this, I just felt it was mediocre.  It is very “now” though. Hopefully this too shall pass.


PS I reviewed Ghost today by pure serendipity, not because it’e nearly Halloween and I wanted to do something with a spooky name. I have only just realised I may be open to accusations of corny Halloween allusions.



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