Rochas Tocade: Like Seeing An Old Friend


 I wore Rochas Tocade back in my twenties and cannot remember now why I only bought one bottle, since I am very fond of it.  I have been wearing a sample today and have been enveloped in a warm, comforting aura.

Rochas Tocade is a cosy, daytime perfume full of vanilla, but it nicely sidesteps being a gourmand with its roses and amber taking the foodie edge off it.  Whilst being warm, I wouldn’t call it spicy.  Whilst being rich, I wouldn’t call it an evening scent, though it would work well as one.

We can deconstruct Tocade and it’s beautiful playful bottle, but it’s one of those perfumes that is so memorable that when you know it and smell it you just say “Oh Tocade!” rather than “Oh an interesting vanilla/rose daytime perfume”

The following notes are in it:  rose, sandalwood, magnolia, lily of the valley, freesia, iris and jasmine.  However, this never seems to be a floral on me.  The flowers just provide a backdrop in the distance. This is vanilla all the way, with an undercurrent of amber  and silky aromatic sandalwood as it settles on your skin.

Longevity is great: about nine hours.  The price is excellent too. Less than 40GBP for 100ml.  I don’t normally like too much vanilla, but for this I make an exception.  Even Luca Turin likes it.  Rochas Tocade is a modern, quietly classic marvel.


6 thoughts on “Rochas Tocade: Like Seeing An Old Friend”

  1. Dearest Iscent
    Though it is sometimes thought heresy in the perfume world, I too am not always at home to too much vanilla.
    This does sound like rather splendid stormy weather scent though, when one wants something soft and war and recognisable.
    I’ll keep a nose out for it on my travels.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy,

      Yes I’m not usually a fan of Vanilla, it tends to smell cakey and take over a bit. However in Tocade, it’s very smooth and not cakey at all, more like soft wood or an Ambery cashmere. Certainly worth a sniff next time you see it.

      Your friend

  2. Ah, Tocade. Lovely lovely stuff. The thing I admire about it is how it just stays a couple of degrees off the obvious ‘vanilla, amber and roses’ track which is nice, but very expectable. Tocade has a smoky quality to the vanilla that adds a little twist, and an off-kilter slant to the roses as well – salty? Do I remember that correctly?
    By just subtly moving things away from the expected, Tocade remains incredibly wearable and enjoyable, but is also a little more distinctive. You do recognise it on people. Gorgeous stuff. And so inexpensive for the classic it is.
    I must buy another bottle for my beloved Mater for Christmas. (She loves it, too.)

    1. Yes, it is a bit smoky. I like it because it uses a vanilla in a way that is nowhere near “cakey”. It’s more like a sweet, smoky sandalwood. I was surprised not to see Sandalwood listed as a note. I am so sure it’s in there somewhere!

      It’s very distinctive isn’t it? I agree. You can spot a Tocade wearer straight away. It’s great value for such quality.

  3. Maybe the sample I got was bad, but on me this smelled like melted plastic. Really awful. I wish it smelled the way your review describes. (Glowing Tocade reviews aren’t a joke played by perfume bloggers on unsuspecting readers, are they? Must go back and see if they are all dated around Oct. 31 or Apr. 1.)

    1. Oh dear Laurels! I would never be so cruel! However I know that feeling of not being in on the joke. I really dislike Iris in perfumes, which makes me a perfume pariah. I am sure everyone is just pretending to like it to make me look bad.

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