Jo Loves A Shot Of Muguet and Cedar


 This is the last of the Jo Loves trio of new releases.  As with the previous two, I only have a sealed blotter i.e a blotting strip in its own cellophane casing.  I therefore cannot tell you about longevity or how this is on skin, but it’s worth reviewing anyway, since Jo Loves is a small brand and  a new launch is a big deal. It’s not as if they will be releasing weekly flankers like so many other fragrance houses today.

A Shot of Muguet and Cedar is a simple affair, but its simplicity is its strength.  It is a characteristic of Jo Loves scents that ingredients are never overcrowded.  It is also worth knowing that Jo Malone’s first job was in a  florist shop, and it shows.  It always interests me when florists create scent.  I feel they are perfectly placed to do so.  Luggage and pen manufacturers, not so much.


A Shot  of Muguet and Cedar is a light, almost retro, scent that took me back to the Avon catalogues of the 70s once again.  This is no bad thing.  It’s refreshing to have Lily of The Valley celebrated again and I never get tired of any new formulation containing it.  However, if you, like me,  are mad about Muguets, then in my opinion, nothing beats Andy Tauer’s Carillon Pour Un Ange,  which is in another league, and for want of a better word “heartier” than the light whispery Jo Loves version of Lily of the Valley.

It was a clever touch to match it with Cedar.  It brings it down a peg or two like the straight man in a comedy act. This Lily of The Valley is delightfully light and green, but it would float away without just a faint rasp of serious Cedar.

Out of all three of the samples I have been kindly sent, I vote No 42 The Flowershop as my favourite, although I wouldn’t turn any of them down. Jolly Good Show all round, and it brings a little of  the perfect English Country Garden to a rather damp Autumn.


4 thoughts on “Jo Loves A Shot Of Muguet and Cedar”

  1. I agree about florists being logical choices for perfumery, though I could debate your writing off luggage manufacturers – being surrounded by the delicious scent of rich leather all day would be heaven to me, and I happily wear ‘leather’ perfumes. *sigh* Lancome Cuir *sigh* Equally, I like the scent of ‘ink’ in perfume (Comme des Garcons 2 allegedly has ‘ink’ notes), so pen manufacturers might creep in there, and certainly paper manufacturers qualify – I adore the scent of a freshly-opened notebook. Eau de Moleskine, anyone?

    Funnily enough, it’s jewellers that I don’t understand making perfumes. What have coloured bits of rock and metal got to do with smells? Yet they’re all at it – Bvlgari, Cartier, Van Cleef et Arpels, etc. I suppose it’s a case of ‘posh’ rubbing off on you, rather like dress designers making perfume: if you can’t afford to wear the clothes or jewels, you can at least afford to smell like you do.

    I’m not a fan of floral perfumes, I have to confess. They feel too feminine for me. I want to be more of a wild rock n roll chick, though in truth I’m about as wild as Robinson’s Barley Water. 🙂

    1. Dearest Iscent and Lisa
      I was about to share the qualm about criticising luggage makers quite so out of hands and those old saddlers at Hermes seem to know a thing or two about scent too!
      I’m something of a muguet maniac too, though vintage Diorissimo and that magical opening to Jacomo’s Silinces are more my thing. So this pairing with Cedar seems quite intriguing. One to spritz when the chance arises I think.
      Thank you as ever.
      Yours ever
      The Perfumed Dandy

      1. Dear Mr Dandy,

        On this we certainly agree. I adore Muguets and am wearing Carillon Pour Un Ange on my neck at the moment. I will try Lily of The Valley in any shape, from cheap bubble bath to eye watering fine fragrance.

        I have yet to try Diorissimo properly and I shall look out for the Jacomo. Thank you for the suggestions.

        Your Friend

    2. Dear Lisa,

      You are quite right of course. I love the smell of freshly milled paper and of course leather too. I probably had in mind the recent Mont Blanc fragrance which was nothing to blog home about. I remember thinking “stick to pens”. Also the flashy crystal people, Swarowski have got in on the act to.

      But as the Dandy says, Hermes pretty much rains all over my argument!

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