Michael Kors Very Hollywood: Very Gardenia


 I underestimated Michael Kors Very Hollywood , seeing it for the first time in my local Asda in the bargain cabinet next to the ubiquitous bargain favourite: Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers.  However, when I got home, I unearthed a sample and tried it. Well, dear reader, I shall be returning to the Asda bargain shelf where this was a mere £15 for 30ml, and such a pretty bottle too.

My first thought after spraying was Tuberose, but it is in fact Gardenia, and a rather beautiful one at that.  There is fruit as well.  As you know, I am no fan of fruity floral accords unless we are talking citrus, but in between some “Frozen” Bergamot (pardon?) and some Mandarin, there sits a little Raspberry. However, the Raspberry is suitably reined in, preventing this from being too fruity floral/cookie jar.

Top notes are all about the fruit: Orange, Bergamot and Raspberry. A top note with too much fruit usually has me running for the hills and this one didn’t.  In fact, I would say the middle note of Gardenia comes through within minutes, followed by the Jasmine.  There are also middle notes of Orris Root and Ylang, neither of which I could discern, but maybe I didn’t want to to- so enchanted was I with the beautiful white Gardenia.

Basenotes are Amber ,Musk and Vetiver, all of which are present and correct and noticeable.  However, the Gardenia welcomes you in, shows you round and never leaves your side, reminding me of an over solicitous Elizabeth Taylor in white maribou.

All in all, the Raspberry shows just enough restraint to make me a fan, and that Jasmine/Gardenia combo is a knockout. The glitzy name covers up a rather gracious daytime floral.  Longevity could be better at around four hours, but spray clothes and hair for longer lasting power, and you’re all set for the day.

3 thoughts on “Michael Kors Very Hollywood: Very Gardenia”

  1. Dearest Iscent
    I love that analogy with the dear departed Dame Elizabeth.
    Now this scent interests me as I have been thinking to myself that I don’t have a serviceable raspberry, yet I adore the fruit itself and miss it the whole winter through… one to try if ever there were and Asda at hand.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  2. Dear Mr Dandy,

    Judging by the stunning photographs you provide us with, you live in a world far too beautiful for Asda or Lidl. I envisage a trusty bookshop, or a friendly grocer, but nothing remotely commercial in DandyWorld. You shall have to have it shipped in!

    Do keep producing your lovely pictures. They are a pleasure to look at. Pure escapism.

    Your friend

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