The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Box: A Box of Delights


The Discovery Club Box is a scheme  from The Fragrance Shop that sends you five (now six) samples every quarter for the princely sum of five pounds. Inside the box are £10 vouchers for each of the samples should you wish to buy a full bottle.

My first box arrived in March and was chock full of floral fruity fruity floral scents which Imagewere all very fruity and floral. You may have noticed I didn’t review any of them. The second Box in June was a mixed bag. The dreadful Elvis Jesus, the redcurrant frenzy that was Loewe Quizas Quizas Quizas Pasion, Legend by Mont Blanc, a Decent Givenchy for Men, and the terrifying Angel Aqua Chic, which I honestly don’t have the guts to even try. I look upon it with fear. I swear I hear it hiss to me at night.

However, to be fair to the Fragrance Shop, they always ask for, and aim to act upon, feedback and were very accommodating towards my sniffy mutterings, sending me several complementary samples to cheer me up. Looking at the third box they have issued, I think they listened.

The third Discovery Club Box, out now, is the best yet. My greedy eyes lit up like a villain when I took the lid off and I finally had a good, mixed selection of new launches. Inside Imagethe box were Aura by Loewe (A Leather! An actual leather!), Si by Giorgio Armani ( see my earlier review), La Vie est Belle L’Eau de Parfum Legere, Untold by Elizabeth Arden, ( see my earlier review) Boss Jour Pour Femme ( see my earlier review) and  one masculine: Gucci Made to Measure (excellent!)

I can’t confess to loving them all, but none of them were terrible, and it was a good varied mix. I was genuinely interested in trying all of them. Most exciting of all was the fact that there was not one generic fruity floral. Is the tide changing? Are we finally getting there?

I take my hat off to you Fragrance Shop. You got it so right this time. There’s only one thing I want to complain about now.

I wish they were monthly.





8 thoughts on “The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Box: A Box of Delights”

  1. Wow what fun! Over on this side of the Atlantic we have Olfactif. We get for $18 (Eleven pounds) a month we get a gorgeously packaged box of three new samples to test out. BIG samples too! I really love this idea. And every month it is a surprise to open the box and see what is inside.

    1. Hi lanier, I know what you mean.The surprise element is great. I also like the way it takes me out of my comfort zone and tempts me to try things I would have otherwise dismissed. If I lived over there I would SO be ordering Olfactif sets!

  2. Dearest Iscent
    I think that these boxes are an absolute godsend for anyone who doesn’t have the perfume departments of London and limitless amounts of cheek (ahem, I’m not sure who I could be talking about) at their disposal.
    The Loewe has my antenna engaged… could we be seeing the beginning of a leather revival, trickling down from their star turns in the reserve collections and niche lines.
    What with that and the stirrings of life could what I though impossible actually be conceivable ….*a new mainstream leather chypre* !?!
    The Dandy what be a very happy man indeed were that to be the case.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy,

      It does indeed take a touch of chutzpah to blag samples these days. In fact, with some irony, the ladies of the Fragrance Shop in Cardiff told me they didn’t have any samples at all. Not one. However the delightful SA at the Guerlain counter in John Lewis was far more forthcoming.

      I was very happy to detect a definite turning tide with this Discovery Box. I shall be reviewing Aura soon.

      This could be good news for the perfume lover.

      Your friend

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