Fragonard Miranda: Vanilla Fields Finds A Taste Of Paradise


Miranda by Fragonard was launched in 2005 and in a nutshell, pardon the pun, smells like coconuts. However, there is more to it than that. From my intial “huh! Coconuts” reaction I became more interested as it dried down and faded into something a little less straightforward.

I am trying the EDT today, kindly on loan from LisaWordbird. In fact it is the first of many Fragonards that I will be trying. The pretty French style packaging cries out for a place on my dressing table.Image

Besides, those nice people/enablers at Marks and Spencer are stocking a range of Fragonard EDTs at the very reasonable price of £22 per 100ml in bottles that are heartbreakingly delightful to look at (see photos. Gorgeous aren’t they?)

Miranda opens with coconut and soap, there’s no doubt about it. However once the Vanilla kicks in  and41ZwvjFq86L._SX182_SH10_QL100_ starts to take over, this becomes more palatable and more interesting. On Fragrantica, under the “smells like” section, readers have voted that Miranda smells like Casmir by Chopard and also the legendary Vanilla Fields by Coty. There is indeed some Ambery heat to Miranda, so I can see why it has been compared to Casmir. The Vanilla is strong and sweet, very much like Vanilla Fields.  Throw in a 5 star hotel quality coconut soap and you have Fragonard Miranda.

Longevity, packaging and price are all excellent. I will be checking out the bigger branches of M and S and taking my Dear Santa writing set.

I can’t help thinking that this is what LUSH Furze hoped to smell like, but sadly, it didn’t make the grade. (Apart from the long lasting bit. Just my luck my son emptied a 7ml bottle over the sofa . *Sigh*).

Miranda is not top of my wish list, but  if you like Coconut or Vanilla, it is an excellent buy. Judging by the quality of this, I will certainly be checking out the rest of the range. If there was a prize for best packaging and prettiest bottle, Fragonard would win hands down.


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  1. Yay for more Fragonard reviews — I would love to read your opinion on a few more of those! 😀 While I don’t know Miranda, I think that Fragonard makes very good quality perfumes at very reasonable prices.

  2. I have gone through a strange relationship with Miranda. I was lucky enough to visit Grasse and the Fragonard factory during a summer holiday on the Côte d’Azur a couple of years ago. (Yes, I know I’m very fortunate.) While my then 4 year old daughter was fascinated by the soap-making machines, I was of course heading for the shop. There I bought a set of samples, being far too confused at the time to take in which scents I liked well enough to buy a bottle of.

    Being a romantic and partisan creature, I then spent ages looking up all the Fragonard fragrances in the Basenotes directory and in Luca Turin’s book. After all, I had been to the factory, Fragonard now ‘belonged’ to me! (Such clever marketing, when you think about it.) I fell for the sample of Miranda, with its rich coconut cream scent and had to get a bottle. (I think I ordered from their website.) I agreed with the reviewer on Basenotes who described it as her ‘sexy coconut cream pie’ perfume. (She swore by it as the perfect date perfume. I wouldn’t know, but have fun finding out if it doe somehow attract chaps.) I wore it a lot during the cold winter months and found it deliciously gourmand. But. I have since found myself going off gourmands. In fact, I find a lot of them indigestible and I think Miranda is among them.

    However, I whole-heartedly agree with you that Fragonard make gorgeous, high-quality fragrances at ridiculous prices, and I will also be diving off to M&S while they offer these unsung glories. I reckon their carnation (Juste un Baiser? Belle de Nuit? Can’t remember) is an absolute belter, way better than the current incarnation of Caron’s Bellodgia.

  3. And if I may add this carnation note, Billet Doux is another of Fragonard’s carnation-centred perfumes I find extremely enjoyable.

  4. Very interested. They have such an overwhelming array of scents, I don’t know were to begin. Are you gonna do eau du seducteur (water of the seducer)? Got two vintages in the house, btw: Fragonard de Fragonard and Rendez-Vous (last one to be forever remembered because when I first wore it I indeed had a Rendez-Vous, including a tryst in a sailing boat under the midnight stars, all very clandestine and forbidden)

    1. Dear Berengaria- Welcome! I shall look out for the perfumes you name and do my best to review more Fragonard. As for your tryst in a sailing boat- I adore hearing of stories that are entwined with favourite scents! To me perfume is like a time machine and can whoosh me back in time faster and more clearly than anything else. Thanks so much for sharing your memories!

  5. Yes, please, more Fragonard reviews–I’ve been very curious about this house, and their reputed combination of quality and affordability.

  6. THANK YOU for this. Almost a year ago (March 14, 2014), I lost a dear friend to cancer. She was the 40 year old mother of 3. We had been friends for many, many years. She always smelled the same, but I could never put my finger on it. I always thought it smelled like Vanilla Fields, or similar to it. After she died, anytime I smelled something familiar to her scent, I would ask what the person was wearing. I had just about narrowed it down to Casmir by Chopard when I stumbled across this site. Imagine my surprise to find that the name of my friend’s perfume was Miranda. HER name was Miranda. It makes perfect sense now, why she wore that scent. Not only did it fit her perfectly, but it was her “namesake”. How she found it here in the US, I have no idea. But I am now 100% certain that this was Miranda’s signature scent. Thank you again!

    1. Dear Renee Agee,

      You are very welcome here on IScentYouADay and thank you so much for sharing that beautiful story. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend and my heart goes out to her children. Far too young, far too soon.

      Scent can be so evocative, more than a photograph or even music. I lost my dear Grandmother to cancer 11 years ago and have started to wear the same perfume as her sometimes- it was Coty L’Aimant. It makes me feel a lovely closeness to her memory.

      I am so glad that my musings have helped you pin down your much missed friend’s fragrance. It means lot and I am glad to have helped you and so touched that you took the time to tell me about it.

      best wishes

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