Clarins Eau Dynamisante: Fresh Air After The Thunder


 Dramatic Thunderstorms this week: exactly overhead, just one scant second between the thunder and lightning. The weather has been unbearable sticky and close, I might have known a storm was on its way.  What can you wear when you feel so humid that even standing within three feet of others makes you feel uncomfortably hotter (and not in a  good way)?  The answer is Clarins Eau Dynamisante.

 Eau Dynamisante slices through heat and humidity like a cool open window in a muggy house. Immediately fresh, the Lemon, Coriander and Petitgrain rush to the rescue, chasing away a sticky hot day. The base note is Patchouli,  although even the Patchouli is refreshing, rather than being a winter warmer. I can’t neglect the herbs either: Thyme, Rosemary and Cardoman. This many herbs could  remind you of hot soup, but in this case they are fresh as a dew dropped posy. 

 Eau Dynamisante is not meant as a fragrance, although it is popular as such. It is technically a fragrance skin treatment, but people buy it for the incredible scent. If there is a scent that makes you smell more shower fresh and spotlessly clean than this, then I’ve yet to smell it.

 This fits into the Eau de Cologne category in that it is refreshing, Herbal and Citrussy and not expected to last long.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that a citrus tinged Patchouli basenote was present after around four hours.

 Widely available, and reasonably priced at  around £24 for 100ml, this is a classic for a hot day. Keep it in the fridge and spray and spray on hot skin. Bliss.


2 thoughts on “Clarins Eau Dynamisante: Fresh Air After The Thunder”

  1. Dearest Iscent
    More evidence of our scent synching, I too was trying this in the turbulent clomate of the last week.
    You are spot on about the patchouli here, as aerated and refreshing as that leaf has ever been.
    I for one couldn’t care less if they call it a scent or not, for that price they can call flower water! I shall be spritzing it again during my levee should that humidity return.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy,

      Great minds think alike. I was going to review a sample I’d been sent – Askett and English Essential. It’s a very fresh cologne, but since I only reviewed Eau Dynamisante yesterday, I thought I’d mix it up a bit. I don’t like to be too predictable!

      Your Friend


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