Paco Rabanne Lady Million: All That Glitters


Lady Million by Paco Rabanne established itself in my consciousness on three occasions before I actually tried it.

1. During Richard E Grant’s wonderful TV series on Hotels he was lying on a huge bed interviewing a famous ex groupie. After she had listed her conquests, he said “You smell fabulous, what is it?” Yep. Lady Million

2. Sitting at a  table in a very beautiful pub in Oxford, the next table was full of drunk women (nothing wrong with that, I have been one myself!). One of them was being encouraged to take her purchase out and try it, she did indeed. The familiar gold bottle was taken out of its cellophaned box and sprayed liberally over all and sundry. Yes, it was Lady Million.

3. In Wilkinsons at Christmas, hovering over the perfumes. The Assistant offered me Lady Million ( I ended up buying Blue Grass). Her colleague came up and said “Oh I love that, give me a spray!” and went off to finish her shift.

photo by waugsberg

So it’s popular all over the world, and has a price tag of around 42GBP  for a 50ml EDT . However, It was a while before I realised what was turning me off. More of which anon.

Thankfully, Lady Million is nothing like her brother, Paco Rabanne 1 Million For Men, which makes me run away, with watering eyes and a rasping chest. 1 Million for Men is vile, loud and abrasive. You can smell it from thirty foot away. Thankfully, I don’t go to nightclubs any more, so I usually escape the toxic cloud.

Lady Million is white flowers, with lily of the valley, gardenia and neroli out and proud and dominating. Sadly, the white flowers smell horribly synthetic to me, or maybe I have been spoiled by better scents now.

Dree Hemingway for Paco Rabanne

The other sticking point with me is the honey note. It seems to make the essential freshness of the white flowers sticky and cloying.  There is a place for sweetness in a perfume- Givenchy Amarige is an  example of how sweet can work without sweeties, but in Lady Million the honey took away the white, clean notes of the Gardenia and replaced it with something that left the flowers rather droopy and flat.  It’s like a sticky stain on perfect white cotton. I’ll pass, but it might smell better on you. Millions of fans can’t be wrong, but I can.


You can buy Lady Million from The Fragrance Shop, or Boots to name but two. It’s widely available.

PS Thank you to The Fragrance Shop for kindly supplying this and other samples.


3 thoughts on “Paco Rabanne Lady Million: All That Glitters”

  1. Dearest Iscent
    Do you know over 600 scents have been suggested for me to try… and not once has anyone ever mentioned Lady Million?
    This alone is enough to put the fear of god into me… but I’d also always thought it would be a twin to the ‘feminine’ smelling 1Million. How odd that they should be so far apart.
    So I have always been rather afraid of it.
    Having found out more though, there seems nothing to trouble me here… certainly I shall not be troubling a store to buy a bottle.
    A couple of questions though..’You find Amarige sweet?’, I suppose it is, but I’d never really considered it that way.
    ‘What is *Wilkinsons*?’
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy,

      Gawd Bless ya guv’nor! Wilkinsons is a low budget department store not unlike Woolworths. They have a glass cabinet full of fragrances, where I occasionally loiter, often fruitlessly.

      I’m glad I saved you the bother of bothering with Lady Million. It’s really not worth our attention my friend. Synthetic to the Nth degree and then a splodge of honey.

      Speaking of sweet, yes I would say Amarige is sweet, but only in the same way that the smell inside a florist is sweet. It’s a natural floral sweetness rather than a nasty vanilla/candyfloss/strawberry hybrid.

      Let’s face it Amarige stole ALL the flowers, without a blush!

      Your friend

      1. Dearest Iscent
        Amarige ate all the flowers and ate them and then ordered another florists for dessert I should say!
        How strange I’ve not come across a Wilkinsons, normally any place where one might find a discounted perfume calls out to me, maybe they’re not to be had in London town.
        There’s that ‘department store’ chain they have in the North West that apparently has very good deals… I can never remember its name!
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

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