Kate by Kate Moss: A Fleeting Glimpse of Beauty


photo by mirror.co.uk

Back in 2005, I often saw photos of Kate Moss dating Pete Doherty and despaired of them ever finding a bar of soap or some toothpaste. She appears to have cleaned up her act since, although I can’t help thinking that this enigmatic stalwart of the modelling world probably smells of cigarettes and Glastonbury. She does scrub up well for work though, so if I focus on her indisputably glamorous side, I can probably enjoy her fragrance: Kate by Kate Moss.

The packaging is pretty and retro in a seventies sort of way and opening notes are delicate and pretty- you can immediately pick out the pretty Peony and Violet Leaf. It is an inoffensive scent, ideal for office wear, and mild enough to squoosh on in the morning. And squoosh you must! This scent is fleeting and faint, and needs a good blast in order to make even an apologetic impact, though impact may be too strong a word. One spray will not pass muster. Use lavishly and you still won’t offend even the most delicate of asthmatics.

I was wary when I saw Pineapple in the top notes, but I can safely report that there wasn’t so much of a hint of it, nor should there be (great on pizza, terrible in fragrance!) Base notes allege to be Musk, Cedar and Patchouli, but if this ever lasts long enough to contain base notes, I’ll eat my cat.

Several reviewers on Fragrantica have compared this to Stella McCartney’s Stella in Two Peony.  I have smelled both, and there are indeed similarities.  I can tell you though that the difference is, unsurprisingly, that Stella costs more and lasts longer. You get what you pay for in this case.

However, Kate by Kate Moss is harmless and inoffensive, unlike its namesake, who I always thought was more of a L’Air de Rien  sort of girl. It’s as if some one has tried to tame a wild girl and make her be a secretary. Worth a tenner though, and we should always be grateful about absent pineapple.

7 thoughts on “Kate by Kate Moss: A Fleeting Glimpse of Beauty”

      1. Darling, I own a whole bottle. Well, half a bottle, I’ve worn it so much. It’s gloriously filthy.
        Shall I pop round one day next week then? Battenburg, Earl Grey and filthy skank? 😀

  1. Dear Mr Dandy,

    Clearly you live in a more salubrious neghbourhood than I! I have the opposite problem. Celebuscents I can buy, Serge Lutens are nowhere to be found. Even my local House of Fraser has only three Diors, and they are kept in a hot, backlit display case. Poor IScent.

    Your friend

  2. Have you seen their display of Hermes though? I am always impressed by that.

    I am, as you know, rather fond of celebuscents. I think they’re often underestimated, and where a celebrity has actually got involved with their scent and insisted on some quality ingredients they can be very good. (The Beckhams have surprised me.)

    I wasn’t wowed by Kate’s original fragrance, but I do own a little (ugly) bottle of her Velvet Hour and I rather fancy her Muse.

    Having said that, I still yearn for a bottle of Gabriella Sabatini’s Wild Wind. No idea what the hell it smells like, the name just makes me chortle. Not very mature, me. 🙂

    1. My dear friend, a warm hello to you. I still can’t help thinking Mossy is too aloof to do more than sign off the fragrance whilst getting her PA to book Glasto tickets. Kate by Kate Moss is a pretty sort of affair, ideal for a young girl or teen, or even for insipid office wear.

      Wild Wind must be worth it for the name alone. It sounds a like an Avon 1970s homage!

      Beckham for Men products are very good, and good value too. I prefer them to the female ones. Speaking of which, I have discovered how to get good fragrance from Avon. Buy the Men’s range. Patchouli, Juniper, Amber, Woods…it’s all there. I’m wearing Wilderness today and I love it! watch this space- I can’t shut up about it.

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