Escada Sexy Grafitti: What You Can’t Fight, Embrace.


For all my rants and grouchiness about ubiquitous fruity floral fragrances and their alleged popularity that spreads and clings like Japanese Knotweed, I do believe I have stumbled across one that I actually like. I’m afraid to buy it though, in case Escada think I want them to make more fruity florals.  I will stick to using my generous 2ml free sample, which I am currently plastered in. It’s rather lovely.

Now who is the clever Nose who has persuaded me to like a fruity floral scent? None other than our old friend Dominique Ropion. I told you he was versatile. In Escada Sexy Grafitti he has brought us a scent that bursts with Raspberries, Blackcurrant and Lemon in the opening notes. However, if, like me, you are thinking of dessert by now, you can rest assured that M.Ropion has kept it delicate and pretty and fresh, rather than smelling like something bees want to visit. (Are you listening Britney? I haven’t forgiven you for Midnight Fantasy aka Death By Candy Floss).

As the fruit falls away (apart from robust raspberry), the flowers come out to play. Violets are discernible, as is a touch of pretty Peony, and a little Lily of The Valley. In fact, the juxtaposition of all this produces another smell not unlike peppermint.  It’s fresh and playful with a hint of soapiness. Unlike many other fruity floral scents (and there are currently about 50 gazillion) I find this refreshing and light hearted rather than sticky and sickly. It ends with a faint touch of pale Woods and Musk, although the sweet Raspberry never really leaves at all.  I would also like to thank  M.Ropion for leaving out Melon and Peach. Thank Heaven for small mercies.

I have often ranted that there are too many fruity florals on the market, and I stand by that, but maybe in a cacophony of noise, you can sometimes pick out a sonata.

4 thoughts on “Escada Sexy Grafitti: What You Can’t Fight, Embrace.”

  1. Well if the melons and peaches are not at the party maybe I will take a sniff. But I don’t know….. Floral fruity’s scare me. But your review didn’t give me a fright. I enjoyed it.

  2. Thanks lanier. I don’t think it has opened any floodgates of love for the genre, but I certainly found it more bearable than others. I have smelled at least half a dozen new launches lately that have barely any difference between them. I’m so tired of the same old same old!

    Thanks for dropping by. Do have a cuppa!


  3. Dearest Iscent
    You see raspberries and cherries (just about) I can almost tolerate, the same with rhubarb, so this doesn’t sound to inconceivable.
    I wonder if there’s a gooseberry scent?
    Now that is a thought!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy,

      Rhubarb intrigues me. Something is ringing a bell but I can’t name a perfume that uses it. If you like cherries can you bear Delices de Cartier? You may be one of the lucky ones who find it long lasting. Raspberry I think I can bear. In fact, let’s blow one to all who use melon in scent!

      Your friend

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