Andy Tauer Une Rose Chyprée : Bring Me Pearls


I do love a good rose, although a rose soliflore would be too bland for me.  I also love anything with Bergamot in, as well as a good spiky Patchouli and if possible, a bit of Oakmoss from time to time.

Lucky for me then, that Andy Tauer has created Une Rose Chyprée, which is all my favourite things in one big Perfume Sundae. Luckily Andy resisted sticking a cherry on top ( I am so over cherries! See my recent reviews of Delices de Cartier and Louve).

The opening notes of Une Rose Chyprée remind me a little of Noontide Petals.  It must be the Bergamot. Bergamot is so often used in hesperides and  colognes that it’s refreshing to  find it used in a powdery capacity in this floral Chypre.  Used in a similar way to Noontide Petals, the Bergamot has a lovely chalky quality, which I find thirst quenching, like wet chalky cliffs. It’s here in spades in Une Rose Chyprée.

Along with Bergamot comes a prickle of Patchouli and Vetiver, spiky Geranium and of course the Rose. The Rose is so intense that it becomes spicy. In fact, it reminds me of the kind of peppery rose scent that comes from the dried petals of a Tea Rose in a bowl of Pot Pourri. It’s not fresh and dewy, it’s aged, like good antique wood.

Put this together with a touch of Oakmoss and dried Vetiver grass, and you have a wonderfully spicy rose that is anything but bland. The powdery note gives this a charming retro feel. It makes me want to dress up when I wear it. Don your Pearls and lipstick ladies, this is elegant and ladylike.

Once again longevity is excellent. The only reason I kept respraying because I love the wet top note so much as it dries and settles. Une Rose Chyprée is ladylike, yes, but my addiction to it is not.

In the UK Tauer samples are available from Les Senteurs. Image Longevity is excellent, (around 12-14 hours per spray) and this is the Eau de Parfum concentration. Even the samples last over a week of constant daily wear on me, although I generally keep for them for best.

A Footnote Incidentally, Speaking of Tauers, I have just got back from the Hell that is Legoland (“L’Enfer est les Autres” J.P. Sartre). My scent was Carillon Pour Un Ange. It is the total antidote to crowds and hotdogs and commercialisation. I could handle the horrible bustle if I could just smell those Lily of The Valley and go to my happy place. There. I’ll bet you never thought you’d hear Carillon Pour Un Ange and Legoland in the same sentence, did you? Actually, neither did I.

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  1. How funny about Legoland and Carillon pour un Ange! Though you could say that a marriage made in heaven might be Meccano and CpuA, on account of the latter’s distinctive metallic note. It is very much a case of ‘galvanising the lily’ to my nose!

    1. Hi Vanessa and thanks for dropping by! Lily of The Valley and metallic notes always make me think of my long lost Gucci Envy. Also, I hope to goodness there isn’t a MecannoLand and that they never build one!

  2. Hello V! Nice to see you here. 🙂 (I’ve just been over on your blog, actually, reading about Paris.)

    I am a fellow lover of Un Rose Chypreé – in fact, it’s one of the two Tauers I have a full bottle of (the other being L’Air du Desert Marocain). I adore it; it gives me backbone and grace and I wear it when I have hard things to do and need to grit my teeth and get them done. And I also wear it when I want to feel like a lady.

    To me, this epitomises the great British women of World War 2, who went through the Blitz on little more than tea and Players No 1 cigarettes, but still put lipstick and a frock on and did their hair, because one couldn’t let the side down. They had backbone and glamour, as does this scent.

    1. Ah yes indeed, I can totally see that. It’s kind of “we’ll make gravy under shellfire, but let me fix my lipstick first”. It’s feminine but feisty. It’s a lovely way to use a rose scent, almost as an antique note alongside other strong scents such as Vetiver and Patchouli.

  3. Dearest Iscent
    A rose chypre… oh my goodness, temptation seems to be everywhere at the moment and I pledged to restrict my scent buying this summer!
    In truth this sounds spectacular, and though you have claimed it as ladylike I invoke Arabic perfume traditions and lay equal male claim to the fair rose as a source of fragrance.
    Whilst I may contest with you for the bloom, you can keep Legoland (pauvre Iscent).
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy,

      I have heard that Arabic men smell fabulous in their Rose and even their Jasmine scents. Personally, I like Lavender on a man, but I’m afraid the long suffering Mr IScent is having none of it, despite my wheedling.

      Your friend

      1. Dearest Iscent
        Oh yes. Many male Arabic friends and old colleagues of mine appear redolent of roses, normally with a heavier wood (not always oud) or resinous accompaniment.
        More often than not they were wearing oil mixes bought back in the Middle Eat and not anything designer… and the intensity of perfume could be quite astonishing.
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

  4. Excellent. Thanks a lot Iscent . Now I am anxiously waiting for my package to arrive & get lost into that exotic world of roses! Hugs with a splash of Une Rose Chypree!

    1. Hi Cilantro- congratulations on your sample choice! I seem to constantly be in that state of awaiting an order or some samples! I love that feeling! Let me know how you get on with it.

      best wishes

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