Lidl X-Bolt for Men: Grab Yours Now Before I Do


I don’t normally review men’s colognes, since I have enough to get through as it is with my one-a-day reviews (with occasional lapses due to children or migraines or both). However, gender is no bar to me and I often look through my husband’s fragrance collection and rifle what I can.

You may recall that I reviewed Old Spice on Father’s Day and enjoyed its spicy and clean notes, so as you can see, I am more than happy to wear so called Pour Hommes, even though I am  a Femme.

Dropping into my local Lidl two days ago, I couldn’t help but notice that they had their men’s fragrance X-Bolt in stock and at a princely sum of 1.99GBP, reduced from its usual price of 3.99.

Since I have reviewed Lidl’s Suddenly Madame Glamour, and since that review gets more daily hits than any other I have ever written, I thought it only fair to review X-Bolt. Besides which, my Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Box arrived today and I couldn’t muster one iota of enthusiasm for it. (but that’s another story…)

Let’s start with the name. X-Bolt either sounds like XBox and is therefore supposedly named to excite men, or it sounds like something my sons would watch after Ben 10. Either way, the name’s not the best, but I’ve heard worse. The bottle is lovely: simple glass with a faux burnished chrome stopper with the juice being an appealing shade of elderflower wine.

Image X-Bolt is extremely similar to Hugo Boss Bottled. This may or may not be deliberate, I’m saying nothing. The smell goes like this: Apples, Cedar and Bergamot very strongly in the top notes. Middle notes are woodier, but still Apple-y, and the base is very Vetiver, with a bit of sandalwood and  a general whiff of Woods.

Long ago, I would never have considered that anything costing 1.99 would have been any good. However, when you realise that the cost of making many fragrances is a tiny single figure percentage of the overall price, it’s easy to figure out how much goes on branding, marketing, advertising and very often, a celebrity face. In other words, lose the prestige and companies can still afford to produce a half decent fragrance, if of course, you don’t mind that you bought from a notoriously cheap supermarket and threw it in your basket next to kitchen roll and bacon.

 XBolt does have a slightly 80s Sport feel to it, (as does Hugo Boss Bottled), a bit like manly shower gel, but it’s so good for the price that I’m going back for more, and not just for my husband, who smells great in it.

(NB Hugo Boss Bottled is sometimes called Hugo Boss No 6 in the USA)



14 thoughts on “Lidl X-Bolt for Men: Grab Yours Now Before I Do”

  1. X-Bolt! Named for my dog! 🙂

    Vanessa over on BonkersAbout Perfume did a test of this and thought it was fab too. In fact, I think she mentioned another one of Lidl’s perfumes being akin to a Ghost fragrance. You’ve got to hand it to them: they do make great copies of popular perfumes. I don’t know whether they’ve got an insider at Givaudan (their fragrances are Swiss-made, which is a hint as to the producer maybe?) or what, but they’ve certainly got a good chromatograph and they’re not afraid to use it!

    It just goes to show what the real ‘per ml’ raw materials cost is of the juice we buy in the fancy bottles from the posh counters after reading the expensive advertising.

    1. Exactly, it’s kind of proof of how much wonga goes into the image, brand and marketing. However, I do love a bit of luxury now and then, but it’s good to know I can still smell good for next to nothing.

      1. I gave the X-Bolt a quick sniff way back when they first released it. Hmm I thought, give it a miss, I already have a collection of 50 or so men’s fragrances. Then last week I tried it again and what the heck….. £3.99, in it went into the shopping basket.
        Do you know what, it really is very good forget the price and would be even if it cost a good deal more…….. With fragrances you get what you pay for but do you….. do you really(?) , in some cases this is true but
        I have some very (and I mean VERY) expensive fragrances that pound for pound just don’t pack the punch that the price tag suggests they should….. so it’s always nice to get a little low cost gem that over delivers and is a pleasure to wear. You certainly get what you pay for with X-Bolt and my bottle smells very respectable, pleasing and in no way harsh, tart or cheap.

      2. Hello David and thanks for taking the time to comment. X Bolt is rather good isn’t it? in fact I recently smelled Hugo Boss Bottled and found such little difference between the two that it did make me wonder how much scent prices are inflated by pure marketing rather than cost of ingredients.

        You’ve found a gem there!

  2. Dearest Iscent
    I can’t help wondering whether the the famous sprinter might be an influence to.
    Having long been a quiet fan of the Boss perfume damned by its once near ubiquity I shall give this a try if I ever come across it… though I’m not sure where my nearest Lidl is… as I think the store I’m thinking of is Netto and I’m not sure they do aftershave.
    How interesting that this should be the clear winner in your ‘hits parade’ mine, by a country mile, mushrooming all other reviews almost put together is Mitsouko.
    I guess its impossible to fathom how or why such things work.
    Thank you as always for your intrepid detective work!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy

      I think your neighbourhood must be far more salubrious than mine if you cannot locate a Lidl at all! I should imagine Dandy Towers is in a leafy spot. IScent Manor is, of course, on a Violet scented cloud, at least today.

      Your friend

  3. I am interested in these Lidl’s but am nowhere near one now so may check it out later this year during a business trip. But just a quick question; where are these Lidl perfumes produced? I haven’t been able to find anything on the internet about that!

    1. Hi TF and welcome! Lidl is a German firm so I guess it might be made in Germany. XBolt is made by G Bellini which sounds Italian but could be any nationality really so I suppose my guess is as good as yours! You can get this on eBay too, although you don’t get the same thrill as you do when finding it by the budget hand cream in the supermarket!

      best wishes and thanks for your comments

      1. Yeah, I have been to the Lidl supermarkets before and will inadvertently visit one before the end of the summer. I was just wondering if the actual box has a “Made in….” tag on the back. I know that some knock-offs and even in-house store fragrances (like the ones at Forever 21) are made in China. I always love a good cheapie thrill but Chinese cosmetics are where I draw the line.

  4. I popped into lidl today and saw this sample of a cheap aftershave “x-bolt” thought I’d give it a spray and wow a bottle went in my trolley truely is now one of my fave scents 🙂

    1. Hi Craig and welcome! Thanks for your comment. XBolt is very good isn’t it? I can barely tell it apart from something that cost about ten times the price! You made a good buy. Best wishes Sam

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