Versace Baby Rose Jeans: As Seen On My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding


My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on the UK’s Channel 4 is compulsive viewing. If you live outside the UK, it’s a reality show following Traveller families as they get married, usually aged 16 and usually in a dress that weighs about three times what they do. They have a unique style all of their own: Over The Top doesn’t begin to cover it. They make Alexis Carrington look unkempt. The dresses often cost tens of thousands of pounds, and  on the episode I saw, the skirt alone contained 500 metres of Imagechiffon. That’s half a kilometre. I’m not sure I can even swim as far as that. With wedding dresses that are too big to get down the aisle, and so painful on the hips they have to strap nappies underneath, you can imagine what my most pressing question was:

What perfume goes with that dress?

So, with the help of my trusty Pause button last week, my question was answered. Versace Baby Rose Jeans was seen on more than one Traveller counterpane. I immediately ordered some samples.

Initially, this is positively chaste in its innocent girlishness. It opens with Violets, Hyacinths, Freesias, Lily of the Valley and Roses. What could be prettier and more innocent? However, the drydown allows the dominant Vanilla to creep in, and that’s where it all goes wrong. The Vanilla cheapens the light-as-air petals and converts what could be a pretty and light floral, into something akin to discount bin babywipes. Cloying, fuzzy and overly sweet, the flowers are wrapped in a big pink Vanilla blankie and made to smell like a 99p shop.

Shame though. The floral notes contain some of my favourites. Take the vanilla out (PLEASE!) and I would consider wearing this.  Sadly, it has been ruined by it. Next time I buy babywipes, I will buy unfragranced, just in case they remind me of Baby Rose Jeans.

NB All photos by Channel 4 the makers of this addictive programme.


2 thoughts on “Versace Baby Rose Jeans: As Seen On My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”

  1. I love that programme, too. The frocks are astonishing.
    I bought Small a bottle of Baby Rose Jeans in a sale many moons ago. It’s packed in one of the boxes somewhere, I think. After two house moves I have no idea where it’s got to. I suspect she’s now at the age where she’d LOVE it – being a serious vanilla fiend and able to wear absolutely any perfume and make it more beautiful (darn it! nothing ever goes sour on her!).

    But that is – I think – the key thought with the brides in this programme. Bless them, hardly one is over 20, most seem to be about 16 or 17. I know that’s perfectly legal marriage age, but now I am an old biddy approaching 50, that seems so very very young.

  2. I don’t see this one here, not that I care! But I tried Versace Bright Crystal last evening & found it so clean, flowery but not over the top but elegant. Have you tried it? I would like to see your review.

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