LUSH Gorilla Perfumes: Icon: L’Eau Des Hippies


Once upon a time student parties contained a now archaic feature: Indoor Ashtrays. It seems almost incredible that so many people smoked inside their own houses when it’s such a rare thing these days. Students actually smoked indoors in their own digs and a party wasn’t a party if the room wasn’t filled with cigarettes and joss sticks. Even non smokers left parties smelling of Patchouli incense sticks and a hint of Marlboro Reds. We’re not even talking decades ago. As late as the Nineties I remember non smokers keeping ashtrays in their houses in cases smokers visited. Unthinkable today.

 LUSH Icon brought such vivid memories rushing back. Icon smells like the oily residue left on an unwashed denim jacket by dried up Patchouli oil gone stale after a helluva weekend. It made me think of purple velvet, kaftans and flared trousers. It smells like student parties in the 70s: Rich with Sandalwood and Myrrh and a sort of artful staleness, Icon has a Bohemian glamour. When I smelled this, I immediately imagined Led Zeppelin in the background (the music, not Robert Plant and his chums).

 Maybe it was the Orange top notes that blend with loud Myrrh and rich 70s style Sandalwood. The Myrrh adds a resinous smoke, perhaps where I got the cigarette imagery from, and the Sandalwood reminds me of the perfume oils so popular in the 70s and 80s, especially from market stalls that sold swishy skirts, silver bangles and joss sticks. I was amazed to find no Patchouli in Icon, since it is so reminiscent of those oily ungents in tiny bottles that you could buy for less than a pound back in the day.

 Icon would smell equally good on a man or a woman and makes me want to take up smoking again, play some Led Zep and zone out with a few glasses of cheap red wine. 

 Join me. You’ve got like a beautiful aura, man.


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  1. Oh yes I remember those parties. Caftans and patchouli (my scent in those days was frangipani oil layered over Chanel for Men! What a combo!) I really enjoyed your review!

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