Sarah Jessica Parker Covet Pure Bloom: Not Lovely


I had high hopes for Covet Pure Bloom, since I rate SJP Lovely very highly indeed. It may be a celeb scent but it’s easily good enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with some recent greats, and it taught me not to rule out celeb-u-scents, some of which are excellent.

 SJP Covet was the follow up to Lovely and the memorable TV and cinema advert involved a Imagezealous SJP breaking into a shop to steal a bottle “Covet, I HAD to have it.”  Sadly I did not feel the same. Most of my recent  “I HAD to have it” moments have been directed towards Tauers and a replacement bottle of Lanvin Arpege. Now that I HAD to have.

 Covet Pure Bloom was intended  as a floral version of Covet, but there are no similarities between Pure Bloom and the rather strange chocolate/lavender combo that is Covet.

 Covet Pure Bloom starts with a rather shrill opening of Jasmine and Tuberose, with a hint of Coconut making it slightly comparable to JLo Deseo (which I much prefer to this one). Once the bright, shrill flowers have died down, you are left with a Glade effect. That is, the air freshener likenesses now emerge full throttle. The basenote was so awful and  high pitched and sour that I couldn’t help but wonder (forgive me, Sex And The City fans) whether this was in fact, one of Avon’s latest factory farmed rent-a-scents.

Considering the fact that SJP made the incredibly lovely Lovely, on a par with Lanvin Rumeur, and wonderfully affordable to boot, I was very surprised at the cheapness of Covet Pure Bloom, and I don’t mean the price.  This smells like it was done on the cheap, in a hurry, from an Avon blueprint.

However, I am so besotted by Lovely that I can forgive Sarah Jessica Parker anything.

4 thoughts on “Sarah Jessica Parker Covet Pure Bloom: Not Lovely”

    1. Thanks lanier, Lovely is a a great daily perfume with good staying power and an affordable price. Even the diffusion range isn’t bad…but Covet and Covet Pure Bloom? It’s like they were made by SJP’s evil twin!

  1. I have a bottle of Covet that I can’t even give away. Literally nobody wants it. Yet it’s a clever idea: a chocolate fougere. Though reading that now, I think ‘yes, some ideas are clever, but who wants to eat a chocolate-coated prawn?’

    I have never tried Covet Purple Fantasy, but I shan’t be seeking it out. However I am TOTALLY stealing your fantastic phrase: “factory farmed rent-a-scents”. Genius.

    1. Why thang you *blush*. I too had a bottle of Covet and really tried hard to like it. Gorgeous retro bottle, I really like SJP, I love Lovely… everything was stacked in Covet’s favour. But yes, I gave mine away. it just didn’t make sense as a smell.

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