Jesus Del Pozo Arabian Nights: I’m Having a Flashback

arabian nights

I’m having a flashback. There I was, wandering around eBay with my little trolley, popping samples in here and there, when I stumbled across a new perfume by one of my favourite brands. Step forward Jesus Del Pozo Arabian Nights.  I have a great affection for Jesus Del Pozo, especially since they make my much loved Ambar: a bitter orange delight. However, sadly  Arabian Nights disappointed. Do read on though, because fans of Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan might like what comes next.

When I ordered my samples of Arabian Nights, I was hoping for some of the gorgeous mystical beauty of Tauer’s L’Air Du Desert Marocain (can I call it LADDM? I’m among friends, yes?) However what I actually got was a Dead Ringer for Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan, much loved by all but moi.

With Myrrh and Oud shoving the feeble efforts of Jasmine and Gardenia out of the way, Arabian Nights is a perfume with muscles. It’s not very pretty, but it would always win at hockey. It has the same dry and almost bitter spice that Ambre Sultan has. The Resin is particularly strong, which is what repelled me a little with Ambre Sultan– it’s a strong and heady cloud of something illegal. More Woodstock that Woody notes.

The good news is that it is cheaper than Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan. The bad news is that it’s a devil to get hold of. It is aimed at the Saudi market, but is available in Duty Free at the big Spanish airports, as well as El Corte Ingles. Hopefully a swell of approval will make the nice people at Del Pozo take pity on us deprived UK perfume lovers. I have written to Del Pozo to tell them as much. I will keep you posted as to their reply.

In the meantime there’s eBay samples still left if you hurry…

5 thoughts on “Jesus Del Pozo Arabian Nights: I’m Having a Flashback”

  1. Dearest Iscent
    Oooh… a lower priced Sultan? Shame I shan’t be going to Spain any time soon. Might take a peek at ebay.
    Sorry and all, but I’m afraid I’m with the majority on Serge’s Ambre.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy

      I did hesitate to review this one since it is not readily available and didn’t seem fair, but it is new,.so might come over to us yet.

      As for Ambre Sultan- yes I am aware I am Norma NoMates on this one! It may stem back to an old flatmate of mine who was at one with The Weed until the whole flat seemed permeated with it. Any scent with resin and herbs takes me rushing back to those dark, smoky days when I longed for fresh air.

      Your Friend

  2. As a confirmed Sultan lover, I’m delighted to hear there’s a less-expensive ‘dupe’. Sad it’s only available in furrin parts though. And that bottle is darling! We really should have Jesus’ stuff here. I wonder if our beloved Escentual would oblige???

    1. I reckon we have to make some noise if we want something, just like my 3 year old.

      I never see J del Pozo in shops, though I do see it online. I adore Ambar, and have yet to try Halloween or its many flankers. Like so many matters of the fragrant heart, I may have to write to people and tell them I am cheesed off I can’t buy a product. Maybe if enough of is do it… and yes, let’s start with our dear Escentual and their swoony shop.

      By the way, I received two samples, so naturally they are yours now.

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