Ô de Lancôme: Sparkle for Summer


There have been almost three consecutive warm days here in Britain. Can we call it Summer yet? Granted Day Three was followed by freezing rain and wind, but trust me, three days still count.

When the weather is warm, it calls for a change in perfume as much as it calls for a change of clothes.  Wearing Gourmands in the hot sun just makes me feel sticky. Even Orientals must be super Lite. Personally, I think you can’t beat a good citrus or a shot of Bergamot when the temperature rises.

If I had to choose only one perfume to wear in the summer, I would have to say Ô de Lancôme narrowly gets my vote. In the top three would also be Chanel Cristalle, Guerlain Pamplelune, and maybe Yardley English Lavender, straight from the fridge.

What gives Ô de Lancôme the edge is that it is so unashamedly refreshing, that it almost crackles and sparkles on your skin when you apply it. It’s like ice cold lemonade, you can almost feel the tiny bubbles pop.

Top notes are , unsurprisingly  Lemon and Bergamot  with a crisp fresh hint of Orange, and a slight whisper of Honeysuckle. It’s the Lemon that dominates though.

Ô de Lancôme could almost be regarded as a spritz or cologne, so sharp and refreshing does it feel. However, it is worth taking this 1969 creation seriously. Oakmoss has been added (not real Oakmoss, thanks to IFRA, but it will do), along with Sandalwood and Vetiver. So what starts with high octane Lemons, slicing through a sultry heat, beds down into something more earthy and raw, but no less refreshing. In fact, it’s the perfect scent for a late afternoon. By evening, things will get a lot more interesting. Longevity is good. I could smell this in my wrist six hours after spraying it, albeit the Earthy, Woody base, but it was still there, doing its job.

Lancôme has also introduced Ô de Lancôme de L’Orangerie, which I can also vouch for, as well as Ô d’Azur de Lancôme. I‘ve tried the whole range, and they are all good, but I have a special place in my heart for the original.

This ladylike summer scent will never go out of fashion.


13 thoughts on “Ô de Lancôme: Sparkle for Summer”

  1. I love O but have not worn it in about 25 years…wonder if it has been re-formulated since then? Also adore vintage Cristalle (the current one has been altered) but I see that as more of an early spring scent when the weather is still cool.

    1. Hi brie, always happy to hear from you. Sadly I have never smelled vintage Cristalle, and like O de Lancome, IFRA had words about the real oakmoss, now since replaced by synthetic, I understand. I’ve a feeling I’d have loved it though. Cristalle still has a lot to offer- it was my signature for around 15 years, but these days I am far more promiscuous and never smell the same two days in a row!

  2. Dearest Iscent
    Please do not say that was all the Summer we’re to have!
    Now, my hand has hovered over O many a time, but I’ve never bought. Perhaps if I did it would secure a long hot season to use it all up in.
    If it jumps out at The Dandy again from behind a special offer card I may be certain to buy it.
    I adore the idea of refrigerated Yardley… most certainly one to try.
    Though windy, I note the weather;s none too bad today!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy

      Let’s hope summer has life in it yet, three days would be grim even for us robust Brits. I also do not own a bottle of O de Lancome since I already own Cristalle and A Scent by Issey Miyake, I though two Citrussy Greens would be enough.
      For now…

      Your friend

  3. Sounds delicious. Do u have the original 1969 one? Then it is worth every drop. Here in US I won’t find that vintage gem though!

    1. Hi Cilantro! Sadly, I was reviewing the modern one. My friend LisaWordbird told me that prior to IFRA regs, O de Lancome used to stain skin in sunlight and thus the formula was changed. I am sure we wouldn’t mind that for a bit of real oakmoss!

  4. Ah, one of my teenage loves who welcomes me back with open arms every summer. O de Lancome is just so very very easy to wear. I have a bad habit of keeping a little decant in my handbag and topping up through the day, as if it was an Eau de Cologne.

  5. Actually, oakmoss (the real stuff which can still be bought from reputable essential oil companies) will stain your skin (with or without sunlight)…but honestly it is worth it for the smell is like perfume unto itself (if you don’t mind the stickiness on your wrist as it is a very thick, sticky oil that is not easy to work with). Nonetheless, I recently sample the reformulation at my local mall and it is as lovely as I remember…definitely tenacious for an EDT…however, the drydown on my skin is akin to baby powder…wonder why that is? I love it though and am now wishing I had a full bottle!

    1. Hi justbreathe,

      It’s very interesting you should say that as I heard that O de Lancome used to stain skin before the tightening of regulations by IFRA. I’ve never actually seen or handled the essential oil so I was interested to hear of its stickiness.

      I think the reformulation was a fairly good one as its still pretty mossy, but without the brown stains on skin!

      best wishes and thanks for dropping by. You are most welcome always.


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