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Now we’re talking. I bought a bottle of Timeless in 2012 and was dismissive of it.  In my naivety I labelled it “powdery” and “old lady”. Since my recent epiphany regarding the chypre genre (Thank you Balmain Jolie Madame, I’ve never been the same since), I have changed my outlook on Chypres.


In Timeless, we have in our midst an excellent and very affordable chypre  (sans oakmoss) that users compare to Rochas Femme or even Gres Cabochard.   Another fan says it is a cross between Obsession and Dana Tabu.

Prominent notes include aldehydes, opoponax, patchouli and amber.   It opens with spicy citrus, beds down into an old fashioned floral with roses and jasmine, and finishes off with an ambery powder accord that isn’t done enough these days.

Timeless was created in 1974 and has fans that have been wearing it ever since.   On the Avon Shop UK page,  buyers are clamouring for it.  On Fragrantica, it is praised to the skies.  On my humble left arm, it smells amazing and has great lasting power.  In fact Avon, did a very daft thing which they quickly put right after listening to their cusotmers.   Timeless was at one point, discontinued.  Such was the uproar from their non-millenial,  long term, customers that Avon very kindly brought it back again.  Wise move, Avon

I tried a sample of Timeless EDT today and was knocked for six. The powdery old fashioned smell I once foolishly tossed aside is terrific. It’s classic, spicy and feminine.  It could hold its own alongside many more expensive brands and not even blush.

Stockists: Timeless is available from Avon UK at the excellent price of £5, although prices and offers may vary.


12 thoughts on “Avon Week: Timeless”

  1. What!!!!!!!! They have done away with Timeless??? One of my co-worker only uses that fragrance….she will be devastated! Indeed, it is glorious….I am always driving her crazy by sniffing her! Have you ever sampled Charisma? that one is gorgeous as well….those two would be considered high end niche by today’s standard and yet they were sold in the 70s and 80s for a song….

    1. I know brie, it’s crazy isn’t it? I wrote to Avon and just got the usual response “no longer available”. They’re sitting on such a gem and yet they churn out all this new stuff that is so generic. *sigh* what can you do?

      1. i would be crying a river if I got completely upset over every single gorgeous (and affordable!) perfume that was discontinued….did you ever try Victoria from Victoria’s Secret! Gorgeous amber rose (unlike the current selections of fruit in the VS stores in my mall)? Discontinued and next to impossible to find…believe me, I have looked!

  2. Oh Iscent
    You temptress… first you lure me in with a cheapie chypre (£4?)… only to tell me it is no more.
    Off to the interweb I guess I go!
    More than anything I’m all insatiably curious about a perfume that is Tabu, Obsession, Madame Rochas and Cabochard all at once!!
    What’s in it? Unranium?
    Perhaps that’s why it’s discontinued….
    Oh and thank you for the link my treasure, I am so glad that you and BdB are getting along!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy

      You should definitely treat yourself to a bottle. It’ll be on eBay for a good while yet. Perhaps Timeless fans can lobby Avon into submission.

      You are welcome about the link. I searched under BdeB and your site popped up. I knew my readers would be in excellent hands. I’ve yet to review it myself, but will leave a polite time gap in the interests of good manners.

      Your friend

  3. You would like it very much. It is a rare fragrance that we will both agree on. I might stock up myself. I have images of us all bidding against each other and not knowing its us!

  4. I have scored a bottle on ebay for £6.50, so I’m looking forward to trying it. Oh and I tried Womanity and quite liked it. We are sooooooo opposite in our tastes! 🙂

    1. You are joking, right? Usually I can accept the old Beg to Differ line of argument, especially in perfume- I’m nothing if not a diplomat. However, I am staggered that anyone could like this. I guess people do though, since it’s in production and in the shops.

      However, you introduced me to the World of Chypre via the Balmain portal, so I can forgive you anything, and always will.

      PS Didn’t you get stale Bakewell Tart and Fish?

  5. I’ve never ever had anything from Avon (except being given a couple as a teen, Pretty Peach and something honeysuckle) until a week or so ago, when the catalogue got left on our doorstep and I flicked through to find Skin So Soft as I’d been recently reminded it repels mosquitoes. So I took a punt also on Timeless (going half price).
    I think I will like it in the autumn or winter as I don’t think it’s a summer fragrance on me. But very nice, and indeed, Timeless.

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