Avon Perceive Dew: Zing!


The original Avon Perceive fragrance was created by none other than Christopher Sheldrake, who has created no less than 43 fragrances for Serge Lutens, including the legendary Chergui and my personal favourite, A La Nuit. Serge Lutens fragrances usually retail at around £80 a bottle. Perceive is currently around £11, making it the cheapest Christopher Sheldrake fragrance in the world. Do bear in mind though, that he was not handling the same calibre of ingredients when he parachuted into Avon as he does when he works for Serge.

 Perceive Dew was, after all that build up, NOT created by Christopher Sheldrake. However, it’s still pretty good.

The first time I smelled it, I immediately got Melon, which is a note I detest in fragrances. However, as always I gave it a second chance and a third. On the third go, just as I was about to list it on eBay, I had an About-Turn when I noticed some delicious Lemony Citrus notes that talked me in from the ledge. Suddenly I was interested again.

Top notes are Lemon, Freesia and Melon. If I can studiously ignore the wishy washy fake Melon note and concentrate on the sharp Lemon, then Perceive Dew and I will get along fine. Middle notes are Marine notes, Apricots and Honeysuckle. I definitely got all of those notes, but it wasn’t unpleasant.

From my first dismissive, and even snobby opinion of “another cheap fruity floral, it must be sent to the eBay Dungeon”, I now take a different view. For a start, the Marine notes are refreshing and pleasant, rather than aquatic and ozonic like The Body Shop Oceanus, which I can’t bear. The Honeysuckle and Apricot add a sweetness for sure, but because of the tart and zingy lemon, this doesn’t quite fall into the candy floss toothache variety of popular scents.

I will emphasise that I didn’t like the Melon note in this, and it is clear that the budget was not spent on expensive ingredients. However, as a refreshing spritz on a hot day, this is hard to beat at the price. I bought my EDP for £6.99 from my smiley, lovely Avon lady. It will be amazing kept in the fridge on a summer’s day.

13 thoughts on “Avon Perceive Dew: Zing!”

  1. Wow! I had forgotten about the original Perceive! and made by a well known perfumer….I am amazed….and Oceanus….there were three Body Shop perfumes that debuted in London during my first visit there in the 90s…two I remembered (Leap and Sweet Faith) but could not remember the third if my life depended on it…it was Oceanus!

      1. Now I am really going to be dating myself but I remember trips to the Body Shop in the 80s with my girlfriends…all of those perfume oils..dewberry, vanilla, fuzzy peach…it was such a fun place to explore!

      2. brie, I must be a similar age to you (you know, we’re in our early 30s *cough*). I remember the Body Shop as a place of wonder in the 80s. I so enjoyed the Elderflower Eye Gel, the cheap perfume oils, the Banana Hair Conditioner, the Ice Blue Shampoo… Everything smelled so good and was so affordable back then. It hasn’t been the same at all since L’Oreal took over.

      3. “Two years shy of the half century mark”, said I. But I like your idea of early 30s-LOL!
        Yes I remember there were other wonderful things in the body shop besides the perfume oils…there was also an amazing vanilla bean body cream that I adored! I did not know that L’Oreal had taken it over. It’s been a while since I have been inside a Body Shop…what a shame!

  2. Hmm… the melon thing is a deal-breaker for me, I’m afraid. But it’s good to know there are people out there who can tame it.

    You gave me Percieve for my birthday, IScent, and I do like it a lot. I think it’s going to come into its own in the warmer weather. Actually, I may very well wear it tomorrow. (I’m trying very hard to put off trying Womanity after your reaction to it!) 😀

  3. Only try Womanity if you are in your own and have access to soap and water. As dear as you are to me, If you ever wear it to my house, you will stay in the front garden and I will set the cats on you.

  4. Wearing Perceive today and loving it, especially in this warmer weather. Fresh and perky, but as you promised that dry down is delish. Really good stuff. Clever old Sheldrake. 🙂

  5. By the way, IScent, just to go off-piste here, you mentioned that your fave Lutens so far is A La Nuit. Yet, I have heard it described as THE filthiest skankfest of jasmine evah! I read a description of it this week as basically ‘take me now, my knickers are off already!’ You never fail to surprise me, madame. 🙂 Though perhaps it’s the ‘sans gusset’ element that keeps it out of Pierre Bourdon territory?

    1. I never liked Jasmine until I came across A La Nuit and Sarrasins. I found both very chaste and heady, like an overload of delicate petals, all heady and fragile.

      Not a hint of a gusset anywhere. Funny that, because I often find gussets where I least expect them…

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