Kylie Minogue Sexy Darling:More Of a Dear Than A Darling


Kylie and her arched eyebrow have been pretty busy with her eponymous fragrance line that shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

I have previously reviewed Kylie Minogue Couture, which was frankly cheap smelling and shrill, but Sexy Darling is a big improvement. Where Couture was light and cheap smelling, Sexy Darling is Dark and Musky. In my Couture Review, I gave it the thumbs up, and I still do, although I have changed my mind slightly about it being “expensive smelling”..

You can never be wrong in your opinion of a perfume. It’s like saying a poem is a bad because you don’t like it. Someone somewhere will be framing the same poem and calling it a favourite. I don’t love Sexy Darling, but it’s really not bad and I can easily see why it’s a big seller.

 Sexy Darling has an opening note of Pears, almost to the point of being spicy. In there somewhere are some pretty floral notes: Roses bloom, although not good Rose, more like cheaper synthetic Rose. However, it just avoids being a clanging run of the mill fruity floral by getting the balance right. The Pear is just subtle enough not to overpower the Rose. The Rose is passably good when balanced with the Pear, and as the scent blooms and settles, you get a bit of Musk, and finally, believe it or not, a bit of Dark Chocolate. Lasting power is good, sillage quite strong. You’d really know if someone had sprayed this in the Ladies. (By the way don’t spray perfume in the Ladies unless you want your perfume to be associated with the smell of toilets.)

The basenotes are far superior to Couture (and my pet hate of infamous Poundland vanilla candles!). Sexy Darling is deeper and more resonant. Maybe a bit rich for breakfast time, but certainly good for a late supper somewhere quiet.

I wouldn’t buy a full bottle of this myself, but dear Kylie can hold her lovely head high. This affordable Musky Rose wouldn’t stop traffic, but it’s respectable enough.

In the eyes of my husband, the woman can do no wrong…Back off Minogue, he’s married!

3 thoughts on “Kylie Minogue Sexy Darling:More Of a Dear Than A Darling”

  1. Dear Iscent
    Where do you find all these celebuscents? The Dandy can’t seem to see them and not for the want of trying. Boots near here draw a blank and only intermittently do Superdrug seem to bother. As for Selfridges, well they may have launched Pink Friday but I can’t see them stocking Kylie… can you?
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  2. I have to put my hand up to this one. I picked it up in a department store in Switzerland, where there are a lot of perfumeries and an awful lot of celebuscents. For a bet on Basenotes a bunch of us tried to find the most ‘out there’ celebuscent we could, I think it was won by a gent wearing Kiss (the rock band) cologne, but the chap wearing Eau de Spongebob Squarepants was a worthy second and I think I remember someone wearing Eau de Spiderman. 🙂

    I’ve just checked and Sexy Darling is available at, a favourite online discounter of mine. (Fragrance direct is another.) 30mls will set you back a whole ten pounds. No, not exactly Selfridges’ style. 🙂

    I remember being very snobby about celebrity perfumes to begin with, but once I let go of my preconceptions, now I love some of them. The little 15 ml bottle of Sexy Darling usually lives in one of my wash bags, for unexpected trips away. (Though in fact, given a moment or two to grab something, I’d be more likely to put a bottle of SJP’s Lovely into my bag for its all-round excellence, or Lutens’ Ambre Sultan for its comforting warmth.)

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