Gucci Envy: It’s Madness I Tell You


Gucci Envy is one of the most exquisite perfumes I have ever smelled. I’ve never found anything similar and used to wear it all the time. The thrill of wearing it never wore off.  I used to replace empty bottles as urgently as I would replace groceries.  It was a must have, rather than a luxury.  Then suddenly it was no longer in the shops anymore.

envy adCreated by  Maurice Roucel  in 1997, with a 90s urban edge in mind, Gucci Envy was discontinued in 2007. It’s still available on eBay if you have surplus cash and gold hanging about, but you cannot buy it in the shops anywhere anymore  (EDIT– update it’s on Amazon UK  right now but be quick! )

So what made it so special that it makes me emotional just to smell it now? ( a very kind soul took pity on me and sent me a decant- an enormous thank you to her!). In tests, Gucci Envy was not rubber stamped until its panel of testers rated it  more highly, than Estee Lauder Pleasures .   At the time Pleasures was its main competitor and was very “now” with its typically 90s fresh, airy appeal. Once Envy’s approval rating had beaten Pleasures, it was released upon a grateful public.

gucci_envy_reklama3Opening notes are Lily of the Valley, Green notes, and Hyacinth.  In the middle there is a sort of clean metallic note, almost like a silvery chord gone wrong in the middle. This works very well with the combo of Lily of The Valley and Hyacinth ( and a breeze of Freesia). If it were a colour it would be light green. It was so clean and airy and fresh that it was ideal for daytime, and indeed I wore it to the office every day.

So why was it discontinued? Theories include internal politics. Tom Ford was there when it was created and is not there now. Did he steal the recipe and escape, whilst laughing a villain’s laugh and blipping a security guard on the head? Or maybe another more plausible theory holds water: that of insanity and a disdain for making money.

I’m sticking with theory two. I wrote to the Gucci website with faux bafflement, asking why I couldn’t find Gucci Envy. They replied

 “Please note that Gucci Envy is no longer in production as we always look for new combinations of scents that the market has not explored yet. For this reason we invite you to visit one of our stores to experience the fragrances available and choose the right one”. (sic)

In other words, they cannot make a perfume I definitely love and definitely want to buy because they are too busy making perfume I might love and might want to buy. Does that make sense? No.

Recently I entered the Perfume Shop and asked to try  Gucci Envy Me, hoping against hope there may be some similarities. There weren’t.  Envy Me is pleasant and clean smelling, like a pile of fresh laundry, but Envy it is not. Nor is Gucci Envy Me 2.  In fact why create two flankers when you have stopped making the Real McCoy?

I am not alone. Posters on Basenotes want it, posters on Fragrantica want it, and perfumistas on Mumsnet want it back.   Sales were not dropping off.  It was not going out of fashion.  It was not impossible to make.

So it just leaves me weeping over my precious decant, asking a cold shouldered corporation “WHY? Did someone have a bowl of crazy for breakfast? Don’t you want my money?”

I don’t think they’re listening.

PS If you’re missing it, I have found three scents that will do as a stand in until Gucci sees sense: Isabella Rosselini Manifesto, Jo Loves No 42 The Flower Shop and Issey Miyake A Scent.


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  1. Hi Sam
    I can’t believe I have found this site. I am down to my last bit of Gucci Envy. I can honestly say that I have spent £100’s on trying to find something my husband likes but he won’t have anything else but Envy. He says it is the most evocative scent he has ever smelt and nothing comes close. I’m at the end of my patience with Gucci who keep saying, try others. I have been through everyone of their scents and none of them come close and to find your site where hundreds of women are feeling the loss, why don’t they relaunch it! It’s ridiculous.
    Yes, I can get it on eBay but it’s ridiculously expensive and you never know if it’s going to be a fake and yes, Amazon do it now and again. My husband buys me one when I near the end and once paid over £100 for a half-used bottle! THAT’s how much he loves it!!!
    I don’t think our emails/phone calls are getting through to the right people. The girl I spoke to sounded about 17 and I very much doubt that she’s passed my comments to the appropriate dept.
    Where are you directing your comments to Sam?
    A petition sounds the only way forward but not if it doesn’t end up on the desk of the head of Perfumery!


    1. Hi Sue,

      You are very welcome to IScentYouADay! All I can say is that your husband has amazing taste. I feel the same about Gucci Envy and have one and half bottles in reserve. I would hate for there to be a day when I couldn’t smell it anymore. Some days I think I would even settle for a reformulation of it, but what I don’t understand is the total lack of sensible or rational response from Gucci.

      It makes no sense at all!

      Envy is currently around £40 on Amazon UK which is where i got mine from, so hurry!

      best wishes

  2. Hello ! I feel EXACTLY the same way you just described !!! A former boyfriend gave it to me as a gift back in 98.. AND LOVED IT ! Right until they discontinued it. Today I went to different places trying to see a fragrance close to Gucci Envy and nothing would do. Tomorrow I’ll try the 3 alternatives you provided. I’ll let you know !!


    1. Hi Monica,

      You are very welcome here and among like minded friends. It’s a puzzle isns’t it? All these Gucci Envy fans waving their wallets and purses and begging to buy it and Gucci just turn away and churn out stuff we don’t like and then ask us to hand over money for that instead. As a business model, I wouldn’t use it in a textbook. I have a bottle and half in reserve and when I see the prices go up on Amazon, I’ll know we’re in trouble as supplies run out.

      The three similar scents I suggest are not the same, but they are sort of along the right lines and still good in their own right. Beats me why no other brand has capitalised and made anything similar. Other brands do that all the time.

      best wishes and thanks for dropping by and commenting.

      Sam 🙂

  3. I love Gucci Envy and was distraught when they stopped selling it. Most perfumes react badly on my skin and smell like pencil shavings. When I discovered Gucci Envy all my problems were solved. Now I am back to trying to find one that doesn’t turn on me. I do like the smell of Estee Lauder Pleasures on others but not on me! I am currently using DKNY Be Delicious as a substitute but I really do miss my Gucci Envy 🙁

    1. Welcome Angela! You are among friends here. It’s baffling- they have to give a single reason. It’s even more baffling that they haven’t reissued it when there is such demand. I have one bottle of Envy on the go and one in reserve. They have it on Amazon UK right now which is where I got mine, but sometimes they run out so you never know when supplies will run dry! best wishes Samantha

  4. Hi everybody I am bidding on a bottle of Envy at the. Moment and do so every few months. Living in hope that Gucci will see sense and revive this amazing scent 🙁

  5. Actually I know exactly what you mean about this one. I also had so sense that its fashionability had suddenly tipped off (and what have they done memorable since?). It was massive in Japan. And I still kick myself for not buying it once when I saw it at the flea market. I reckon on a freshly laundered shirt cuff, the original Envy (not the men’s; also brilliant but way to much of a deal; too thick and gingery or something for me) could be a really lovely work scent.

    1. I know what you mean. Gucci Envy is talked about in a way that other Gucci scents are not. Gucci has made many fragrances since but I don’t know anyone who wears them and when I have tried them in shops they are fairly forgettable. I never tried Envy For Men but I know several die hard fans who would love to see that one back too.

      I wore Gucci Envy to work from about 2001 until 2004. Glory days! The very scent brings back memories of Christmas parties and after work drinks. *happy sigh*

  6. Finding Your Favorite Discontinued Fragrance.
    That has been a huge problem for many including myself, until I ran across this Newspaper clipping in the Seattle Times, “Perfume Lady’s’ Business Sense Carries Worldwide”. at

    When I checked
    I was over joyed to find that they
    indeed did have my long lost Gucci Envy . So many good memories are connected to mine.
    Sincerely JJ

  7. It may or may not help, but I suggested that a fellow UK perfumista could try a Perfume Oil seller? There’s a few on ebay and if you look at Forums there’s a huge thread about dupes. (if you search the thread, Gucci Envy gets a few mentions).
    Many of these sellers take requests and specialise in long-gone vintages/obscure scents. Might be worth a try.
    I’d love to recommend a specific site to you but I haven’t tried any perfume oils, apart from a Lady Million one I bought as a stocking filler for my niece!

    1. I’ve just got a copy of Envy from a perfume manufacturers mentioned in this forum. Funny as they call it Goochi Envy! But……it smells very much like the real thing and only cost £8! Worth a try ladies. Luckily my Hubble willing to pay fortunes for half used real stuff on eBay so I can have the real McCoy for dates! THANKYOU for the lead to the perfume copier.

      1. Dear Sue

        Thank you- I had been wondering what that was like. I have a real Envy mini, a half used bottle on the go and an unopened one in reserve. Its still on Amazon and I will really start to worry when the price doubles, because then we know its running out.

        Thanks for the tips. Envy fans appreciate the help!

        Happy New Year
        Sam x

    2. Dear Shirley, you said it in a nutshell “They’ve made a huge mistake”

      Welcome to the Envy tribe

      Happy New Year
      Sam x

  8. I to am dismayed that I cannot find my scent. I purchased my first bottle in 2001 from a a so-cal mall and I instantaneously went from kind of cute to the hot big guy wherever I went. on the plane wearing overstated Sean John terry knit shorts, boom extra pillows and free drinks. At work in the break room destroying my dietaary plans boom hey I got a friend me who wants to hook up with ya. I do wear the mens it is one of the few fragrances that works with my body chemistry and natural scent. It is crisp enough for a tailored suit and dress shirt. as well as Linen shorts ( my favorite fabric) and cotton V-neck roccikng some classic Fila sneakers or Air Max 95s’. I need this back in my life I feel compelled to make a two hundred dollar purchase to regain this amazing fragrance back into my life at all costs. Pray for me y’all I’m going into the fray once more……….

    1. Dear eklektiksole
      What an entertaining post! I did enjoy reading it. You can get Gucci Envy for Men on Amazon I believe, but be quick. When the prices go up it means stocks are running low. You may be lucky. I hope you are and I hope this isn’t the last we’ve heard from you here on IScentYouADay.

      best wishes

  9. hey envy gang. I’ve spent several months searching and sniffing, but no no avail. diorissimo is to sharp, not sweet, deep and golden like envy. cartier vole, the lilly one is to powdery. I’m sad now.

    1. “Envy Gang” I like that! I do quite like Dolce by D&G. It opens like Envy. It doesn’t stay like it, but the opening’s good.

      best wishes

  10. I took miss gucci envy. I have been buying it on amazon, but alas there is none left but one bottle for 167.00 pound. Gucci need to start mixing the batch back up. They would make huge profits on just me alone.

    1. Hi Chris- Wouldn’t they just? I’ll never understand it. The Envy fans are clamouring for it and they won’t budge. Terrible business decision! Thanks for dropping by. You are most welcome! Sam

  11. Love this! I somehow found a bottle a few years ago & then I accidentally broke it shortly afterward. I was crushed. Thanks for the recommendations (hopefully, THEY’RE still around)! 🙂

    1. Hello Kelli and thanks for commenting. Welcome to our group of sad and glum Envy fans. I notice this has disappeared from Amazon now which means I down to my last bottle!

  12. Gucci Envy was my “wedding day scent”!!! I am so sad that it’s been discontinued! My husband loved it; and the scent was so unique! I wore it for years after my wedding in 1997, and it would always bring back wonderful memories of my wedding & honeymoon. I eventually ran out of my supply, and was shocked to read that Gucci wasn’t making it anymore. I’ve read through this blog and desperately hope that I can find a bottle on Amazon. If I can find a bottle, I will savor it and only use it for future wedding anniversaries. It’s amazing how a special scent can evoke such vivid memories & emotions. I miss my Gucci Envy!

    1. Hi Kate, what a lovely post. Envy is a superb wedding day scent with its hyacinth and lily of the valley. Gucci Envy seems to have disappeared from Amazon UK now but I have seen some on ebay recently. i really don’t understand why they won;t bring it back. there is so much demand!
      I wish you lots of luck and many happy scented anniversaries! Sam x

      1. I just found this post hoping and praying that one day they would bring this back! It’s the only perfume that I truly LOVED and have not found any other scent sense then! It was my signature scent! haha! Everyone knew me by this scent and it was the one and only perfume that I had received numerous complements on DAILY! Why can’t anything be done? We want our scent back!! I have not found anything that works with my body chemistry the way that this did..

  13. Hi there! I am new to the club and guess what I was looking for when I found this page! I am shattered and have been that way for a couple of years! It’s selling on for £167, and I will not pay that kind of a price for it, though I am very, very tempted! Still looking for a replacement, using Chanel Chance eau fraiche in the meantime. Also very nice but lighter and milder than Envy

    1. I’m so sorry i missed this and didn’t reply sooner. My Spam filter is pranking me a lot these days. I quite agree with you about not paying that price. If they would just bring it back! Argh! You’re among friends here. xxx

  14. I just found this post while on the prowl for this perfume. I knew that it was discontinued a few years ago, but I was hoping it had come back. I’m so sad because this is my childhood perfume. My mother used to spray it on me everyday before I went to school. A few years after that, she had bought it again and I told her I remembered the smell and she was shocked becase it had been a long while since I smelled the perfume. She had told me, at the time that she would get me a bottle only to find out it was discontinued.

    1. Hi there and thank you so much for commenting. Join our gang of mourners for there is no replacement for such beauty. I cannot understand why they won;t bring it back. It would be such a successful relaunch. Thank you again for your interest in my blog and for taking the trouble to write in. Best wishes Sam

  15. Bereft!!! Quite simply where do you go after Gucci Envy. You are correct there is no replacement it was quite unique – I guess its wearers reflect that. Sadly, I am learning more and more that being unique is not necessarily a good thing. Come on Gucci be brave, have faith in uniqueness.

    1. hello Sandra- you’re among like minded friends here. It’s crazy that they don;t bring it back. I’m here waving my credit at them and they don’t want to know! Madness. xx

  16. Gucci do have a history of discontinuing great scents. I liked Gucci Envy, but I am really peeved about L’Art di Gucci and Gucci Eau de Parfum ( in the square bottle). These again crop up on ebay, but for huge ampunts.

    1. I haven’t tried either of those, but you’ve convinced me that Gucci clearly play mind games with its customer loyalty and I don’t like it one bit! best wishes Sam xx

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