Parfums Gres: Hommage a Greta Garbo-Mythos: A Very, Very Minor Accolade


Mythos has the enviable accolade of being the first perfume in which I can detect a note of Pineapple. I’ve seen it listed so many times on Fragrantica in so many fragrances, but this is the first one I have sniffed and actually thought, “Ah yes, there it is.” And that I’m afraid, is one of two rather minor good things I can find to say about Hommage to Greta Garbo Mythos.

 Parfums Gres used to be terribly respectable and respected, but  despite producing three perfumes that I consider excellent: Cabochard, Cabotine and Cabaret (I have reviewed all three, if you care to leaf back through my blog)  many others have remained to my mind, questionable. Parfums Gres have been a bit crafty on the old celeb scent front. They have created “homage” ranges to both Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich (whom I always considered to be a Vol de Nuit kind of gal). No copyright problems, no difficult celebrity lawsuits, and all the prestige of these classy icons. Nice.

However, I should imagine that La Garbo would be spinning in her urn over this cheap, shrill Pineapple juice that they have named in her honour. Opening notes include Pineapple, rather sticky and sweet, and Apples and Blackcurrant. There are some sickly air freshener style flowers in there too, but overall, it’s children’s fruity squash mixed with thin and cheap bubble bath. When all that’s worn off, (it doesn’t take long, despite being an Eau de Parfum), you are left with a shreiky poor quality aquatic. In fact it reminds me of an air freshener I once bought  for 59p called “Mountain Fresh”. So cheap and unpleasant did it smell, that I  refused to use it in the house and never bought it again.

I don’t know what’s going on. Is this really the same brand that created the Leathery and glamorous Cabochard? And the Green Floral go-anywhere Cabotine?

The second of two accolades I can award to Mythos , is that the bottle and packaging are very attractive. As you can see from the photo, it looks almost high end and classic. I have the bottle in front of me and I can vouch for its silvery prettiness.  After that, I run out of good things to say.

Parfums Gres, we know you can do it well and if you can’t do it well, then please don’t do it at all. I really think you owe Ms Garbo an apology.


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