Yardley Lavender Eau de Toilette: Sometimes Simple Is What You Need


It’s no coincidence that aromatherapists and masseurs use Lavender as a therapeutic scent, nor that it is a sleep inducing pillow spray. To me, it is also no coincidence that Yardley Lavender (along with or instead of Eau de Cartier) is the perfect hangover fragrance.

When you’re full of toxins and feel nauseous with overindulgence, Lavender steps in like a pure Angel come to visit and carry away those troubles like an open window in a stuffy room.

Lavender is also regarded as an “old lady” scent and this would be a good time to debunk that myth. The old ladies of today were the glamourpusses of yesteryear, and we have them to thank for being unswayed by modern trends and for keeping the market alive for the classic scents that are still being made to meet the demand of  “old ladies”.

These matriarchs are to be respected, as not only were they young once, but some day we will be the old ladies buying the Lavender and the good perfumes that are wasted on the youth. And maybe it was Oscar Wilde who once said “Youth is wasted on the young,”? Or maybe it was me the other day muttering at today’s modern teens? In any case,  calling a scent “old lady” is, to my mind, another way of saying “Classic”, and nowhere is this term more apt than  when used to describe Lavender.


So what makes Yardley Lavender so special? Well for a start, the price is right at less than 10GBP a bottle on the High Street, and even cheaper online.  However, as well as Lavender (and I can promise you it smells authentic), I can also pick out Geranium and Clary Sage, making this a very green, slightly hippy Hesperide.  Sillage is arm’s length but pleasant. I think people will notice this simply because it will arouse nostalgia, and because it is so simple that it will stand out from today’s commuter trains of fruitchoulis and fake vanilla.

This is a soothing blast of cool summer which, along with it’s slightly  prickly and spicy Geranium, will be ideal as a summer time cleavage cooler straight from the fridge.   I have spoken before about layering and I think this will go very well will other scents: Just go with the flow, don’t let me boss you around!

As much as I love fragrances in all its forms and complexity, sometimes I like to go back to basics.  A Lavender fragrance in a scent wardrobe is akin to a walk in the country after a year in a city.  Sometimes we need that, no matter how beautiful the city.



5 thoughts on “Yardley Lavender Eau de Toilette: Sometimes Simple Is What You Need”

  1. The smell of Yardley Lavender brings back so many childhood memories for me. My best friend’s grandfather was a chemist at Yardley and her grandmother always wore Lavender. They used drive us home from school (windows rolled up, natch) in a not-unpleasant fog of Lavender and Benson & Hedges.

    1. Forgive my belated reply! Many of my early scent memories are associated with cigarette smoke. It was an almost constant background smell in the 70s and I never used to mind it. In fact when women started smoking in the 1920s and 1930s, they created several perfumes to complement “Le Smoking”. I can’t see them doing that now, but maybe they should do one to complement “Le Drinking”.

  2. Dear Iscent
    Perfectly put.
    This also makes a wonderful sleep scent – Ms Monroe was way off with No 5, which would keep most folks awake.
    Might the Dandy hazard that you could also given Caron’s Pour Un Homme and Caldey Island lavender try outs too, when you need further breaks from yopur punishing schedule later in the year!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy,

      I need no further encouragement to travel to Caldey Island and accost a Monk for his perfect soliflore. I consider this a mission and I choose to accept it.

      Your friend

  3. Back in the day when I wore this one (late 70s?)correct me if I am wrong but I believe it was called Yardley’s English Lavender. It was a gigantic bottle with a stopper….I would pull out the stopper and douse my body with the cologne…. I haven’t tried this one in years (nowadays I go for lavender oil straight up). I have also heard fantastic things aobut Cauldey Island Lavender but as of yet have not tried it (did look it up online, though for future purchase).

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