Hypnotic Poison: If This Ain’t Love, Why Does it Feel So Good?


I may have acted too quickly. I try and keep an open mind about perfume. I am always happy to try new things, and as you know, dear reader, I will wear something horrible all day just to be sure I hate it.

Mention Dior Poison to me and it elicits a shudder. This was the Eighties’ answer to smoke bombs. Walk into a room wearing this, and it would empty. The able bodied would run and the feeble would sink to the floor and get trampled in the rush to flee, wailing “it’s too late for me, just save yourselves!”

Over the years, I have pointedly ignored the fact that Poison has started breeding. Little flankers everywhere, popping up on the perfume shelves.  I blanked them like a bothersome in-law at a wedding.

Recently, I was offered a test of Hypnotic Poison (thanks LW yet again!) and thought I may as well try it, since I do have to write about 365 scents before my work here is done. I can’t afford to be fussy. Thus I accepted a little loan of Hypnotic Poison. It was not as I expected.

With nary a nod to its sister Poison, I found myself in a tasty mist of Playdoh and Vanilla with thick squishy Coconut in there too. On paper, I am not supposed to like it at all. In actual fact, it was rather lovely.

There is definite Vanilla and oily crushed Almonds to the power of a hundred. I don’t usually like Gourmands, since they remind of hot, flustered baking sessions in the kitchen where I find myself too often some weeks. However, this Marzipan wonder took me back in time to the days when The Body Shop had a Perfume Bar, which I have mentioned before. They did a great oil called Vanilla. It was heady and smelt of Marzipan and had liquor like intensity. And here it is again in Hypnotic Poison. The Body Shop still does a Vanilla fragrance, but it’s not the same.

I am testing the EDT of Hypnotic Poison, rather than the EDP and lasting power is good, despite my hayfever. Strangely, I can’t help liking this nutty, bitter Almond (Arsenic?) scent. The only similarity it has with Poison is the cute round bottle. And thank Heavens for that.


9 thoughts on “Hypnotic Poison: If This Ain’t Love, Why Does it Feel So Good?”

  1. This is Small’s favourite fragrance, hands down. I had to hide it when she was little, because she love the ‘pumpkin’ bottle and sweet scent. I like it, and it’s an enormously comforting scent to wear. I love that little bitter almond twist that keeps it from becoming cloying.

    I find it’s enormous though – it does seem to leave a heck of a sillage in its wake, though since it’s so cuddly, I don’t suppose many people mind.

    So does this mean you’re going to try the other Poison flankers?

    1. I fear the sillage may be bigger than I reckoned as my hayfever is leaving me all blocked up (sorry TMI). I do agree though that a soft almondy scent, no matter how strong, can smell no less offensive than a coffee stand selling croissants.

      I will indeed try other Poison flankers. I have heard good things about Poison Tendre, and let’s face it, Dior does do quality scents and pretty bottles to die for.

  2. The Body Shop perfume bar…..gosh, I loved that! Dewberry, Peach nectar, but my all time favorite was Wood Musk….I could stand there for hours sniffing away!

    1. Ah Wood Musk- i’d forgotten about that one! i Tweeted the Body Shop to ask if they had any plans to bring it back and it was a firm no. Sadface. They’re sitting on a goldmine!

    1. Hi Tara- Me too, but I was afraid to try it first because I’m not a huge fan of Original Poison. Silly me! This is fabulous.

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