Exciting Guest Blogger: Madame Wordbird-Oracle of All That Is Fragrant


I have to step away from IScent Mansions briefly, but don’t worry, I shall be bothering Parfumerie Assistants on the continent in the name of research (“Est ce que vous pouvez me donner hundreds of samples s’il vous plait?”).

Stepping into the fray will be my extraordinarily knowledgeable friend Lisa Wordbird. I constantly learn so much from her, and her kindly loaned Library of Scent is the reason that IScentYouADay is able to be a scent a day for a year.

 My only fear is that her extensive knowledge and wit may illuminate the gaps in my own knowledge dear reader. However, whilst La Wordbird writes so expertly about the Fragrance Industry as a whole, I am a bumbling amateur sharing a daily journey of wonder and discovery with you, and always enjoying your experiences and comments too.

 I am learning as I go along, and I warmly welcome you as you share it with me. Please welcome my superb Guest Blogger. She is truly an inspiration and an invaluable source of industry history and gossip.

 She does however, break my heart regularly. “You like this? They don’t make it anymore”. Please do make her at home and rifle through the box of delights she will no doubt bring. I’ll be back soon, and I will smell incredible.

PS I am going by train so I can fit more in my bag.

2 thoughts on “Exciting Guest Blogger: Madame Wordbird-Oracle of All That Is Fragrant”

  1. *blushes furiously* Well, thank you honey! However, I suspect your readers will be a) bored by me (please don’t leave! it’s only a week!) or b) grumpy because my descriptions and reviews of perfumes are rubbish. I can’t spot neroli if it bit me and I only guess that something has patchouli in it if it reminds me of aftershave.
    I shall do my best.

    And, dear readers, as Joan Rivers claims her husband used to say: brace yourself. 🙂

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