Jo Loves…The Summing Up and The Verdict


I enjoyed getting to know the eight fragrances in this new collection from Jo Malone (the woman, not the brand). They are distinctive in that the number of notes in these fragrances is minimal. Some only have one. It’s about simplicity  It’s about balance. The range is varied enough to avoid being a mainstream crowd pleaser, but has enough genres to keep people interested.

Despite having reviewed 74 fragrances so far, there are actually very few full bottles on my dressing table.  Many are samples, or borrowed, and some are my own beloveds.  I cannot see myself buying a full sized (100ml) bottle of any of the Jo Loves range, but I might consider a 30ml bottle of Pomelo or Mango Nectar.  Pomelo because although I’m sure it’s been done before, I was rather charmed by Grapefruit and Suede together.  Mango Nectar I might buy just for fun on a sunny day.  It’s not a serious perfume, I doubt you could wear it to a board meeting, (Oh go on, why not?”) but sometimes a single note done exceptionally well can have a place in any perfume wardrobe. I would also consider the Gardenia in the same way. It’s a bit like having a well cut pair of trousers in your wardrobe, plain and essential, but once you accessorise and wear them with other things, they can work much better.

It’s not clear what future Jo has in mind for these products, but a sample set would eliminate any criticism of “inaccessibility”. Currently a website and showroom by appointment is all there is.  Fans will be hoping for a franchise, I am sure. There’s the exclusivity of niche, and there is cold shouldering eager customers. It’s a fine line.

4 thoughts on “Jo Loves…The Summing Up and The Verdict”

  1. Dear Iscent

    The Dandy would like to thank you for a though-going survey of all the thing Jo Loves – most informative and useful.

    Congratulations on clocking up more than a scent a day by my reckoning!

    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  2. They give out samples (or used to, I see that option’s disappeared from the website) as a goodwill gesture, but they won’t send more samples if you offer to pay. I don’t know what kind of marketing sense this makes, but as you say, there’s a fine line between exclusivity and cold-shouldering customers.

    As far as the perfumes go, the ones I tried disappointed in staying power and consistency. You also need to give them a few tries before deciding, and this would easily be solved with a sensibly-priced tester pack.

    I agree about the mango. But in the end went back to the original JM collection for Nectarine and Honey – very light, sweet without being cloying, and lasts well.

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