Jo Loves…Pink Vetiver


A combination of Pink Pepper and Vetiver, Jo Loves…Pink Vetiver allegedly has nine different notes. I can smell two, and they are, as you might imagine, Pink Pepper and Vetiver. This is a manly, almost abrasive scent that has excellent longevity. I often find that the Law of Sod dictates that a disagreeable fragrance has excellent longevity to the point where it won’t leave you alone even after a shower, whilst favoured scents can disappear within an hour.

 Pink Vetiver is not dissimilar to an inexpensive fragrance that I bought for my husband a year ago.  Patrick Dempsey Unscripted is made by Avon, and smells rather good on him. As I suspected, the dominant note is Vetiver. Sadly, it smells scratchy and dreadful on me.

Pink Vetiver is unchanging: linear, you could say, and the spiky Vetiver just beds in and won’t go home. I’ve got my pyjamas on, I’m brushing my teeth, but Mr Vetiver just won’t get the hint. I guess I’ll just have to leave him in the dark and go to bed.

It’s not a bad fragrance at all, but if you don’t like Vetiver, you’ll never be friends with this one.

4 thoughts on “Jo Loves…Pink Vetiver”

  1. I do like vetiver on a chap. There’s something a touch sportive, but not excessively so, a touch relaxed, but not indolent, a little woody and mysterious, but not ridiculously so. Very nicely balanced. (Naturally I also wear it myself, but that’s just my gung ho approach to perfumery. I’ll wear anything.)

    Oh, and vetiver oil is produced from a fibrous root that is useful for preventing soil erosion, I believe, so jolly good stuff all around.

  2. Dear Iscent

    Now the Dandy is something of a devotee of vetivers (last count 6 oops 7 in the collection), but I have noticed that it is a note that seems to be very unpredictable on female skin.

    Therefore, I feel sorry that this attachment has gone on longer than you might have wanted, but am still keen to give this peppery number the once over.

    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy,

      Whilst, like you, I believe that all fragrance is unisex, I do agree with you about Vetiver. I think that some notes are more suited to Testosterone than a heaving bosom. I’ll give anything a go though!

      Your friend

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