Jo Loves…Green Orange and Coriander


This is more like it. I love the smell of fresh Coriander leaves and they are certainly discernible Jo Loves Green Orange and Coriander. It’s blatantly unisex and would smell good on either male or female. It’s a clean bathroom-y sort of smell like expensive candles or high end citrussy bath oils in a five star hotel. Again, like all fragrance in the Jo Loves range, this is quite linear. Unlike a moody, changeable Serge Lutens, for example, what you apply at breakfast is what you still smell of at lunch. Inexplicably, my first thought after spraying was of Imperial Leather soap, but then the Coriander and Orange burst in at the same time, in equal measure. To my delight, the Orange is sharp and juicy, rather than sweet and sherbety. There is a bit of Oakmoss in there to make it slightly earthy, even masculine. It’s has definite zing, but is somewhat grounded nicely by the Oakmoss. All in all, it’s good and stays good. Longevity is very impressive: around seven hours for two sprays. (I still say I can smell a faint whiff of Imperial leather though, but don’t tell anyone, it might just be me).

This is my second favourite Jo Loves fragrance after Pomelo.

One thought on “Jo Loves…Green Orange and Coriander”

  1. Good Day to you Iscent

    Certainly does sound more to the Dandy’s taste: an herbaceous citrus with an oakmoss backbone – sounds a little like some of the ‘nouvelles chypres’ that are out there at the moment.

    I wonder what it does – if anything – for darkness a little shade to go with the light of the orange and coriander.

    Only one way to find out one supposes!

    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

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