Guerlain Aroma Allegoria: Aromaparfum Apaisant: Spring is Coming, Look Busy.


 When I first tried Guerlain Aromaparfum Apaisant my initial thought for almost three seconds was Marine notes. The sea, the sea! So fresh it could cut through any smog.  Within minutes the dry down showed me how wrong I was.

This is not an Aqua at all, it’s a Yellow Flower Honey scent with top notes of Chamomile and Freesia. Often when I smell a new perfume I write down what I can smell and then check it against the notes listed on Fragrantica. On this occasion, it does exactly what it does on the tin: Chamomile Tea next to a bunch of Freesias and a pot of Honey.  In fact the Yellow Flowers and Honey notes made this smell very similar to Gianfranco Ferre Essence D’Eau which I reviewed earlier in this blog.

If you like Essence D’Eau or Lancôme’s Poême, then this will be a good addition to your collection. To me it’s too cloying and flowery, and the honey makes my ears think they can hear bees.

This was created in 2002 by Jean-Paul Guerlain himself. Groucho Marx once said on leaving a hostess at the end of the night “ I’ve had a wonderful evening, but this wasn’t it.”

To paraphrase Groucho: Jean-Paul Guerlain has made some wonderful fragrances. But this isn’t one of them. Unless you are black and yellow and have wings and a sting.  In which case, you’re going to LOVE this.

3 thoughts on “Guerlain Aroma Allegoria: Aromaparfum Apaisant: Spring is Coming, Look Busy.”

  1. The idea behind this was that it was an eau de parfum strength sideline to the Acqua Allegorica line. There were others – I think it was a trio: exalting, vitalising and this, calming. I have to say that I think I’d probably have ADORED exhalting, which was a spicy, woody vavavoom by all accounts, and vitalising sounds nice with its citrus and greenery. But I do like Apaisant and I do find it calming, if sweet. I always think it’s a bit linden-blossomy, and I love linden.
    At least the longevity is good on these – where the Acquas can be short-lived, I’ve found the Aroma lasted all day and night. Which is good if you like it, but not so great if you have to go have a shower because you can’t take it any more. :-/

    1. How could I have forgotten Linden Blossom? eek! Your knowledge, as ever, amazes me. I am learning so much from you and I really appreciate your input and interest! Hmm, I might like Vitalising.

      In fact when I think about it, Apaisant is more “hottest day of summer” rather than Spring. It reminds me of a garden with a million yellow flowers, and a very hot sun.

  2. You know what scares me? It’s when you come home from the shops and spritz on something like this as a bit of light relief from the super-sweet cloying stuff on the market now. *shudders*
    PS the Linden thing was a cheat – someone else told me about it. 🙂 I’m utterly rubbish at putting names to notes.

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