Celeb Scents 7: David and Victoria Beckham (DVB) Signature


I couldn’t leave out the King and Queen of the Celebrity Universe, and neither could the Celebrity Fragrance Industry. Since 2005, the ultimate power couple have issued a total of 20 fragrances for her and for him, whilst artfully entangled in each other for the publicity campaigns.

I can’t say I am enticed by the publicity- there is something about a married couple getting passionate that makes me go terribly British and want to look away, whilst clearing my throat and announcing loudly that I’m putting the kettle on.  It’s a bit like they’re saying “Look at us” and “Do you mind? This is private!” at the same time.  I also question the wisdom of using the word “Intimately” in a Fragrance range when the word is usually meant euphemistically as a feminine hygiene wash.

In any case, these fragrances are everywhere and are both accessible and affordable. Purely in the interest of fragrance research you understand, I sampled DVB Signature today.

As you can imagine, I was expecting, yes you’ve guessed it, a fruity floral, or Death by Vanilla. Unsurprisingly, it does not smell expensive. Surprisingly, the brand has gone off the main road and off onto a hiking trail. Yes, I have found a celebrity brand that has used Anise and Heliotrope in a mainstream fragrance. Feel free to call me a snob, but I was not expecting that.

So what I found on my wrist and clothes today was: Anise, Apple, White Flowers,  and Musk. The actual notes as listed by Fragrantica are: Anise, Apple, Orchid, Heliotrope, Vanilla, Patchouli and Musk.

The dry down is slightly more powdery and the whisper of Heliotrope finally emerges when all the fuss has died down. Heliotrope is serious and doesn’t show up just anywhere. What I’m left with is an unusual Oriental Lite. It’s soft and very feminine, although the Anise can be interpreted as a masculine note. In fact, the Anise just reminded me of a very watered down LouLou so I rather liked that addition.

This bottle was 9.99 for 30ml  from my local High Street. It’s available everywhere and not usually more than around £14 for a large 75ml bottle. I like it enough to keep it and use up the whole bottle, but I’m not sure I’d buy a second bottle. It’s different and pleasant and-how can I say this? It’s a Purple Musk, if that makes sense: sweet and light and vaguely Oriental with a musky dry down.  Actually I found it smells amazing on my clothes- much better than on my skin.

The only thing that chokes me about this is the fact that I lined the diamond encrusted Beckham pockets even more by buying this today. But to be fair, they didn’t just paint by numbers here.

(Incidentally, does anyone else think that Death by Vanilla would make a great name for a niche perfume, or is it just me?)

2 thoughts on “Celeb Scents 7: David and Victoria Beckham (DVB) Signature”

  1. Oh yes, Death By Vanilla would sell in bucket loads! 🙂

    As for the Beckhams, I checked out the reviews of their frags on Fragrantica and Basenotes when I was working in Wilkinsons over Xmas, stacking shelves and often answering questions from customers. I expected – with a bit of snobbery that I should know better than to listen to – to read that it was the usual sleb dreck (AKA Death by cheap Poundland candles). Nope. They seem to really care about quality, dagnabit, and get decent reviews across the board.

    Now I have to go smell their stuff….

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