Celeb Scents 6: Kylie Minogue Couture


Kylie’s been in the perfume game since 2006 with her first offering “Darling” being a Chypre Floriental.  Since then she has produced ten more and sales show no signs of slowing down. Kylie Minogue Darling is highly rated so I had high hopes for Couture.

Now I like Kylie, and her strange pointy eyebrow. She’s a woman’s woman and always cheerful, and sometimes that’s enough to make me like someone (are you listening Posh Spice?). I finally got round to investigating the Kylie phenomenon by purchasing a bottle of Kylie Minogue Couture. With its hint of corsetry and its aspirational name, I thought I was onto a winner.

Sadly not.

The top notes in Couture are Cherries, Violets and Lemon Blossom. However, what I had was Violets, something vaguely Aquatic and a bit of Jasmine (listed as a middle note). Within the first half an hour I got quite excited by this, despite acknowledging that “generic” was very much the state of play. I thought it was a light and airy floral and was so affordable that I thought I’d found a new favourite for daytime casual wear.

However, a problem occurred that I have experienced before with cheaply produced scents. A very synthetic and thin Vanilla note crept in and cancelled out everything else. Vanilla and “Musk Stripes” are listed as base notes, but the Vanilla was cheap and smelt like my old enemy, Poundland Vanilla candles.   I don’t know what Musk Stripes are (they are described as giving a cashmere effect), but maybe it is another way of saying “Well it’s not actual Musk but we found something thinner and cheaper but we’re not allowed to call it Musk”. In any case, I haven’t seen it listed anywhere else. This is mixed with “Vanilla Sorbet” in other swords sweet, synthetic cheap Vanilla that I couldn’t wait to wash off.

Now although this review is subjective, I have noticed on allbeauty.com that it is cheaper to buy 75ml of the EDT than it is to buy 30ml. There is also a lot for sale on eBay. Make of that what you will, but I felt let down and couldn’t sell it fast enough! Without eBay I’d have a really terrible perfume collection.

Sorry Kylie, this was more Poundland than Couture.

Footnote: I have just tried Sexy Darling and I am impressed! I guess I would be wrong in writing off the whole range based on one review. SD is a bright expensive smelling musky floral. MUCH better than its lightweight sister Couture.



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