Celeb Scents 1: Deseo by Jennifer Lopez


Looking like a rain drenched jewel and having a blurb that would make Mills and Boon reject it for being too twee,  JLo’s Deseo turns out to be pretty nice actually.

Flowery hyperbole is never far away when it comes to fragrance copywriters but this one I have to share:

Fragrance Deseo by Jennifer Lopez is inspired by her garden. She invited her associates from Coty to walk at night through her beautiful kingdom and capture the divine smell “

If you too would like to know what a walk around JLo’s “beautiful kingdom” is like, then you can’t go wrong with a bottle of this. In fact, it does smell tropical and it also smells like a garden. It’s a fresh aquatic with hints of Coconut and Tropical Flowers.  Bamboo Leaf is listed in the top notes, but since I wouldn’t recognise the smell of Bamboo Leaf if I was sitting on a Panda’s lap, then I feel unqualified to comment on its presence here. After a while it becomes a pleasant Sandalwood Musk. It starts bright and sharp and calms down a bit as it settles. Don’t we all?

I bought a 50ml bottle for £10.54 and I think I’ll be keeping it. I’m not used to tropical notes and it does smell a little synthetic, but  it’s pleasant and fresh, slightly powdery, and feminine. So yes, thank you Jenny from the Block. I’m sure you’re one of us really. And I’m sure your beautiful kingdom never smells of bins and recycling.

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