JustCavalli: Soft florals to die for


Just Cavalli  one is hot off the press. Created by Nathalie Lorson (Boucheron Jaipur Saphir, Chloe Innocent) and Fabrice Pellegrin (Oriflame Paradise, Swarovski Aura), its refreshing to see a  new scent that isn’t a run of the mill fruity floral.

Top note is definitely the delicate Tiaré flower, with Rosewood in the heart, and, although its not listed, definitely Musk. Its light and feminine, but the Musk gives it a softness and resonance that keeps the flowers going a bit longer. It’s fresh and very slightly powdery, but makes me think of powdery snow rather than talc.

Due to be launched in Feb 2013, I was lucky enough to be given a sample of this in my local Perfume Shop. What sticks in my mind though was the look of surprise when I blagged them for my blog. “I write a perfume blog, and I’d love some samples if you have them,” I said. “Do you?” she asked with so much surprise I felt positively affronted. What’s wrong with being covered in snow, wearing wellies and a Parka and carrying a Bag For Life? Knackered parents can write perfume blogs you know! It was kind of an am dram version of that scene in Pretty Woman. I feel like going back there wearing Chanel Coromandel and saying “You work on Commission right? Big Mistake. HUGE” and wafting back out again.

Anyway, for the shocked looking ladies in my local Perfume Shop- you’re going to sell a lot of this.

 JustCavalli is rather lovely. How nice to find a pleasant floral that hasn’t been doused in fruits and cheap vanilla essence.

PS Not sure about the bottle design. Hmmm.

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    1. Hi Genevieve, thanks for dropping by. yes I like to follow noses I like too. Sometimes you find they have a sort of style. I often love certain, gentle scents only to find they were made by my favourite Jean Claude Ellena!

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