Gianfranco Ferré Essence D’Eau- Kiss Me, Honey, Honey, Kiss me


I bought Gianfranco Ferre Essence D’Eau blind for a laughably cheap sum on eBay. It’s a floral, so I thought I’d give it a chance since it was July after all.

On first spray I rather liked it: it was pretty, and full of flowers. After the drydown however, it smelt less appealing. Have you ever had a vase of flowers that have drooped and been just on their way out?  Just before they go sour they go very sweet and honey like. It’s the smell of the inside of the trumpet of a daffodil in early June as they wilt and give way to the bolder summer flowers.

There is a hint of honey too, which may be why so many compare it to Lancôme’s Poême.  In fact, if you are a Poême fan, I would recommend this as a much cheaper alternative.  Even at full price, Essence D’Eau  can currently be bought for less than £15 on Amazon (25ml), compared to Poême, which is currently £41.50 for a 50ml bottle, on the same site.

I find Essence D’Eau too sweet and honey like, although the whiff of parma violets in the base notes is very appealing and adds a shot of playfulness.  This is yellow flowers all the way, and in my view, needs something sharp to cut across the fuzziness.  Smelling this makes me think of a day that’s too hot for comfort, with a lazy droning of nearby bees in an over extravagant flowerbed.

If it was me, I would have changed the name: “Essence of Water” suggests something fresh and green or aquatic. Maybe they should have called this Essence Des Fleurs Jaunes Avec Miel, but I guess it doesn’t flow as well.

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  1. I was really curious to try this so thank you for letting me have a sniff. It is very ‘yellow flowers’, you’re right! And that overblown narcissus note is a pet hate of mine. This wasn’t as bad as some others I’ve tried, and it might work for layering, if you wanted to beef up the back end with something else. Though I guess if you added a big ol’ musk or woodsy base it might become overpowering.

    However, a fab choice for a holiday, I would guess. When you want to take a little bottle of something for evenings to glam up, but are scared to take your ‘good stuff’ in case the bottle breaks, they confiscate it at security or the heat spoils it. When you’re sipping a technicolour cocktail a perfume that smells sweetly like a bright flowerbed might be rather a good thing.

    It’s funny, because Ferre makes two fragrances composed by Pierre Bourdon that are absolute stunners – and dupes of famous scents at that. Ferre de Ferre is a version of Bourdon’s creation for Frederic Malle: Iris Poudre, while I swear Ferre Bergamotto Marino is a ringer for Dior’s Escale a Portofino, (though Bourdon did not create that). I think it’s a much under-rated perfume house and its perfumes are available for pennies at the discounters.

    It’s amazing how much really good stuff Pierre Bourdon has created over the years. He even created two whole new categories of fragrance with the plum/cedar oriental Feminite du Bois and the aquatic Cool Water. Amazing man – check him out:

  2. Thanks for the warning about Ferre de Ferre- I loathed Iris Poudre! More of which anon…. Thanks for your very informative comments, I’m learning so much from you! Might try Bergamotto Marino though- I love a good green and I love Bergamot.

  3. You loathed Iris Poudre??? WOW! That is one of my absolute favourites!
    We have such interestingly divergent tastes, it’s fantastic.
    I will fetch the Bergamotto round. Though I was kind of saving it for the summer when it’s hot.

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