Eau de Cartier-Eau Divine!


Eau de Cartier was like a thunderbolt for me. A quest for a perfect perfume becomes addictive. Fighting my way through a forest of celeb fruity florals and past rivers of cloying vanilla and candy floss, Eau de Cartier was like finding a mirage in a desert.

The previous week I’d received a sample of Cartier’s Baiser Vole and was underwhelmed by its single note Lily that stayed linear and flat on me, reminding me of Zoflora disinfectant.  When  a sample of Eau de Cartier came my way, I wasn’t expecting to find a dream come true.

However, this fragrance floored me. Like a jaded pioneer finding a gold nugget, I suddenly sat up and took notice. It’s Bergamot, but softer, it’s Lavender but not in a detergent sense, it’s Coriander, but the leaves not the spice, and finally, it’s a soft Violet Leaf, still wrapped in Bergamot and smelling deliciously fresh.

Eau de Cartier stays light and airy and cuts through the heat of a summer day. It’s like the fresh air outside an expensive florist after the rain. I’m also glad that it stays true to its summery feel without resorting to the cucumber-melon or aquatic route. I think they must have made it just for me. I would like to thank Nose Christine Nagel for creating it in 2001, even though I was involved in a  serious relationship with Chanel Cristalle back then.

I was surprised to learn this is a unisex scent as I find it quintessentially feminine, but it has a male fanbase too. Fragrantica has reviews from both men and women.

Understated and classy, I would rather walk through a mist of this than today’s fruity, vanilla sodden smell-alikes that seem to scent every High Street. Next time you are in a perfumery or department store, ask to try a sample of this, especially in time for Spring.  You will feel wreathed in ethereal glory.

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